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  1. exhibit a
    The First Case Against Trump Is … This?The first-ever criminal prosecution of a former president may be over secret payments to an adult-film star. It follows missed opportunities, too.
  2. early and often
    Trump Hush-Money Investigation Gets a Surprise Cameo From Stormy DanielsThe adult-film star spoke to Manhattan prosecutors investigating hush-money payments made to Daniels during the 2016 presidential campaign.
  3. exhibit a
    Mark Pomerantz’s Revealing Fight With Alvin Bragg Over TrumpThe untold story of the lost investigation.
  4. politics
    Manhattan DA Moves Closer to Charging Trump Over Stormy Daniels Hush MoneyProsecutors have begun to present evidence to a Manhattan grand jury from their inquiry into hush payments made to Stormy Daniels on behalf of Trump.
  5. politics
    Trump Organization Fined Couch-Cushion Money for 17 FeloniesThe judge’s hands were tied on this one.
  6. exhibit a
    The Trump Organization Was Convicted After a Truly Embarrassing DefenseAny lawyer would have a hard time convincing a jury of the company’s innocence, but these lawyers acted like buffoons.
  7. early and often
    Trump Might Be Back in Hot Water With Manhattan DA’s OfficeAlvin Bragg is reportedly looking at Trump’s hush payments to Stormy Daniels again, hoping that he can finally flip his former CFO.
  8. the city politic
    A Kid Accused of a Crime Is Still a KidYoung New Yorkers should be protected from the inequities of the criminal-justice system, not demonized by the mayor for cheap political points.
  9. the city politic
    The Trials of Alvin BraggThe Manhattan DA was meant to reform New York’s justice system and bring down Donald Trump. Three months into his tenure, both prospects look shaky.
  10. politics
    Alvin Bragg Insists His Criminal Probe of Trump Isn’t OverThe state of the investigation from the Manhattan DA’s office was uncertain following the recent resignations of the probe’s top prosecutors.
  11. crime
    What Really Happened to the Criminal Investigation of Trump?There’s reason to be skeptical that the two prosecutors who quit were prevented from pursuing a slam-dunk case.
  12. politics
    The Manhattan DA’s Trump Investigation Looks Like It’s in Deep TroubleThe leading prosecutors on the criminal inquiry quit, reportedly after Alvin Bragg doubted whether there is a case.
  13. the city politic
    Everyone Needs to Take a Deep Breath About Alvin BraggHis criminal-justice reforms have prompted a freak-out, but they’re reasonable — and exactly what he promised.
  14. criminal justice
    Alvin Bragg to Do Away With Prison Time for Most CrimesThe new Manhattan DA will stop prosecuting lower-level offenses ranging from prostitution to fare evasion.
  15. politics
    Feeling the Heat, Trump Sues to Block Fraud InquiryHe accuses Tish James of violating his rights by looking into the business practices of the Trump Organization.
  16. q+a
    What Alvin Bragg Plans to Do With Cy Vance’s Troubled Sex-Crimes UnitThe next Manhattan DA talks about making history, prosecuting Trump, and more.