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  1. amazing things
    ‘Big Ass Turtle’ Survives High-Speed Car Crash in FloridaThe turtle was hit by one car and propelled through the windshield of another car going more than 70 mph. 
  2. the sports section
    Mets Pitcher Bartolo Colon Becomes Oldest Player to Hit First Home RunThe 42-year-old pitcher may be an ageless wonder, but he still needed 31 seconds to round the bases.
  3. amazing things
    Poll: Utah Would Support Democrat If Trump Becomes Republican NomineeThe state hasn’t supported a Democratic presidential candidate in more than 50 years.
  4. amazing things
    The World’s Oldest Man Is an Auschwitz SurvivorThe 112-year-old Israel Kristal was the sole member of his family to survive the Holocaust.
  5. amazing things
    101-Year-Old Survivor Pulled From Rubble in NepalThe miraculously unscathed centenarian was among four people rescued this weekend.
  6. amazing things
    Reporter/Weed CEO Live on Air: ‘F*ck It, I Quit’One for the local-news hall of fame.
  7. amazing things
    Missing Man Reunited With Family Thanks to AP PhotoA missing man from N.Y. was photographed living on the streets of D.C.
  8. stand clear of the closing doors
    Man Literally Slips on Banana Peel, Falls Onto Subway TracksHe’s fine.
  9. amazing things
    Watch the Exact Moment a Man Underwater for Three Days Gets RescuedHe survived in an air bubble on a sunken tugboat.
  10. amazing things
    Watch 64-Year-Old Diana Nyad Complete Historic Cuba-Florida Swim Her message: “You’re never too old to chase your dream.”
  11. amazing things
    Antoinette Tuff’s Moving, Heroic 911 CallIt’s amazing.
  12. amazing things
    NYT Death Notice Takes Shot at NYT“Loved everything about NYC, except the New York Times.”
  13. wtf
    Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant Are, Amazingly, Back TogetherThe ugliest divorce of the year is off.
  14. everybody poops
    Pimco’s Bill Gross Is a Hurried PooperThe co-founder of the world’s most powerful investment company has something to get off his chest. It’s about pooping.
  15. awesome old broads
    The Amazing Life and Death of Suzy TomlinsonQuestions surround the death of this 74-year-old. But one thing that is not in question is her fabulosity.
  16. the oracle of omaha
    Warren Buffett Is Literally a Rock Star NowThe Oracle performs a power ballad.
  17. problem children
    Citigroup Spokesman Doesn’t Know Anything About a Multi-Million-Dollar Theft at His CompanyWhereabouts of arses and elbows also in dispute.
  18. disses
    Wall Street Disses White HouseHeads of financial companies say they can’t make it to today’s meeting because of “inclement weather.”
  19. the office of financial instability
    Neel Kashkari Gets a New GigAnd it isn’t chopping wood.
  20. finance nonfiction
    Neel Kashkari on Stress Eating, Hank Paulson’s Dry Heaves, and the ‘Enduring Headache at the Center of His Brain’The former TARP inspector general tells his epic story.
  21. new york fairy tales
    Foot Model May Have Had Doorman FetishThe hand and foot model, who is suing her co-op for discriminating against her for marrying her ex-doorman, previously dated another doorman who worked in her building. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
  22. new york fairy tales
    The Foot Model, the Doorman, and the Contused TesticleAn Upper East Side fairy tale gone horribly wrong.
  23. ballsy crime
    Before He Was Arrested for Insider Trading, Bob Was the Most Fun Guy at the OfficeThe IBM executive arrested for giving tips to the Galleon Group was known for his fun outfits and office games.
  24. amazing things
    Hedge Fund Galleon Had Its Own RapThis may be the first time there’s been a shout-out to “the northeast corner of 57th and Lex” in a rap song.
  25. amazing things
    In: The $25,000 Cupcake CarBehold.
  26. diamonds and pearls
    Best Celebrity Sighting EverAn unadorned spotting of an adorned star.
  27. man on the street
    Video: World Naked Bike RideTim Murphy catches up with naked cyclists at this environmental protest.
  28. the greatest depression
    Elijah Cummings Wants Ken Lewis to Be More Open About His Feelings“Don’t let US tell you how you feel. Tell us how YOU felt.”
  29. mistakes
    A Scary Thing HappenedAnd other fun tales of disaster.
  30. the great revelation
    Swiss May Finally Be Dragged Into World’s MessThe Greatest Depression has forced the Swiss to unlock their greatest secrets.