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  1. america!
    The University of Colorado Political Science Department Is CryingSome students don’t know who the vice-president is, or other basic facts about government.
  2. america!
    In Mississippi You Can Go to Jail for Not Saying the Pledge of AllegianceSome judge made a big mistake yesterday.
  3. america!
    ‘Dude, You Have No Koran.’A Texas Koran burner was no match for one sneaky skateboarder.
  4. america!
    Tom Tancredo Really Is Not a Smart PersonHe thinks the Obamas hate Christmas?
  5. america!
    Here Is Someone Trying to Blame the ‘Obama Is a Muslim’ Myth on ObamaIt’s a pathetic argument.
  6. america!
    Thirteen Really Muslim Things Obama Has DoneThe man is just obsessed with being Muslim.
  7. america!
    Senator Carl Levin Gets Free Pie From College StudentIn the face!
  8. america!
    Liberal, Cosmopolitan, God-Abandoning New York Represents America’s ValuesTake that, everywhere else!
  9. polls
    America Agrees: 2009 Was An Awful YearBut 2010, now that’s going to be a good year.
  10. america!
    A Recent History of Things That Have Been Thrown at Political FiguresPies, eggs, tomatoes, salad dressing … shoes! A grand tradition that everyone from Bill Clinton to Sarah Palin has been a part of.
  11. america!
    USS New York Sailor Bound to Be Disappointed by New YorkThe ship made from World Trade Center steel pulls into port.
  12. drama on the high seas
    Somali Pirates Have Taken Captain HostageHalt the celebration. This morning’s pirate drama isn’t over yet.
  13. intel
    Happy Independence Day! Don’t Forget: New York Is America, Too!Don’t believe us? We have photo evidence!