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  1. Charney Reportedly Fired for Posting Nude PhotosAnd therefore “exposing the company to liability.”
  2. white men with money
    George Soros Part of Bid to Save American ApparelMaybe he just really likes the way the leggings fit.
  3. lonesome dov
    Judge Puts Hold on Suit Against Dov CharneyApparently the accuser has accused before.
  4. lonesome dov
    Dov Charney Accuser: I Thought American Apparel Was a ‘Professional Environment’Oh dear.
  5. lonesome dov
    Lawsuit: For Staffer’s 18th Birthday, Dov Charney Turned Her Into a Sex Slave [Updated]Happy Happy!
  6. the death throes of hipsterdom
    Dov Charney: ‘Nobody Wants to Be a Hipster’But they are “echo-boomers,” like it or not.
  7. the greatest depression
    Is This the Iconic Image of the Greatest Depression?Or just a bunch of people standing in line?
  8. in other news
    The Truth About That Woody Allen American Apparel AdSo earlier we discussed how Woody Allen is suing American Apparel founder Dov Charney in the Jewishest lawsuit New York has ever seen. But then we found out a few things.
  9. in other news
    Woody Allen vs. Dov Charney? Jew Have Got to Be Kidding!The funnyman is suing the American Apparel founder for using his image without permission, and we think it is the Jewiest thing ever.
  10. company town
    Bush to Economy: ‘Hey, Did You Get a Haircut? Something’s Different.’FINANCE • Bush acknowledges slower economy, but he stops short of warning about recession. Still, will he go for another round of tax cuts? [NYT, NYT] • Financial titans Warren Buffett and Maurice Greenberg came under attack in the Gen Re trial. Neither stands as a defendant, but both were accused of being intimately involved in a fraudulent transaction worth $500 million. [NYT] • Now that Jimmy Cayne’s out of the picture, which hedge fund will step in to buy Bear Stearns? [Deal Journal/WSJ]
  11. in other news
    Jay McCarroll Sits on a Bench Gothamist today points us to a week-old Observer profile of The Bench, the park bench in front of the American Apparel at Houston and Orchard Streets, which apparently has been turned into a sort of hipster anti-scene scene, especially on Saturday nights. And who’s apparently the token celebrity to frequent The Bench? Project Runway alum Jay McCarroll, natch. Which, when you think of it, comes as no surprise at all. Of course the dude hangs out on a park bench; he’s homeless. The Bench Bunch [NYO via Gothamist] Earlier: Is Jay McCarroll Homeless? He Sure Said So (and So Did His Publicist)
  12. photo op
    Dov Charney Fulfills Calvin Trillin’s Prophesy The latest American Apparel billboard at Allen and Houston Streets, photographed (badly, with a cell phone) Saturday night. To those who have read Calvin Trillin’s Floater: Look, two-thirds stockings! (To everyone else: Look, standard-issue American Apparel hipster pulchritude!) Floater [Amazon.com] Chain-Link Solid Thigh-High Socks [American Apparel]