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American Bar Association

  1. the judiciary
    Anti-Abortion Activist Is Trump’s Latest Unqualified Judicial NomineeThe administration and its allies are becoming more and more blatant about placing ideologues in lifetime positions on the bench.
  2. the kavanaugh hearings
    American Bar Association: Delay Kavananugh Confirmation for FBI InvestigationThe ABA wants an FBI investigation into the sexual misconduct claims against the judge.
  3. ABA Won’t Publish Study Calling Trump ‘Libel Bully’ for Fear of Libel BullyingThis is how the bullies win.
  4. law
    New York to Require Some Pro Bono Work From New LawyersPassing the bar will require 50 hours of unpaid service.
  5. crossing over
    New York Law Groups Not Thrilled About Arizona ConferenceIt’s an odd place for a discussion on pro bono representation for immigrants.
  6. company town
    Michael Phelps Is Gold for NBCPlus, lawyers make criminals sing (to ‘Don Giovanni’), another spectacular apartment you can’t afford hits the market, and more, in our daily industry roundup.