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American Jobs Plan

  1. our climate
    We’ll Innovate Our Way Out of the Climate Crisis or Die TryingThe chasm between the ecologically necessary and the politically possible can only be bridged by technological advance.
  2. politics
    Biden’s Workmanlike Love Song to the Middle ClassHis speech was well crafted to sell his priorities to voters in and just beyond the Democratic Party.
  3. politics
    5 Messages President Biden Sent in His First Address to Congress“If you reelect me, I’ll keep you bored and well-fed,” the president said, in so many words.
  4. budget reconciliation
    Democrats Get One More Big Bill This Year That Cannot Be FilibusteredThe Senate Parliamentarian agrees with Schumer’s multiple-reconciliation-bill theory, which could make Republican obstruction irrelevant.
  5. infrastructure
    3 Quick Takes on Biden’s Infrastructure PlanDemocrats should worry less about deficits and more about spending as much on green-technology research and development as possible.