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Ames Straw Poll

  1. marjorie taylor greene
    Why Is Marjorie Taylor Greene Headed to the Cradle of Presidential Campaigns?Does the conspiracist Georgia congresswoman see herself running for president? It’s unclear what else she could be doing at the Iowa State Fair.
  2. paulitics
    Sorry, Jon Stewart, Ron Paul Is Not in the Top TierHe deserves respect and attention, but we all know he’s not a viable candidate.
  3. exits
    Tim Pawlenty Exits Presidential RaceThe Vanilla Thrilla gets KO’d in the first round.
  4. michele bachmann
    Michele Bachmann Declared Winner of Ames Straw PollRandy Jarvis must have put on a stellar performance.
  5. ames straw poll
    How Did GOP Candidates Woo Voters at Today’s Ames Straw Poll?Let us count the ways.
  6. rick rolling
    It’s Official: Rick Perry Is Part of the 2012 Race [Update]The Texan steals thunder from the Ames Straw Poll.
  7. first in the nation
    Palin, Perry Not on Iowa Straw PollGuess they waited a tad too long before announcing.
  8. oh pawlease
    Even Tim Pawlenty Can’t Remember Tim Pawlenty’s Campaign AppearancesHe claims he just started campaigning “in earnest” in Iowa.