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  1. getting around
    Meet the Newest Next Penn StationHochul is tightening the focus from Cuomo’s sweeping plans and looking to fast-track the project. Maybe it’ll work.
  2. transportation
    Amtrak Train Derails in Montana, Killing 3 PeopleAs many as 50 people were injured. The cause of the derailment, which sent eight cars off the tracks, is not yet clear.
  3. amtrak joe
    Pete Buttigieg Isn’t a Transit Visionary. But Biden Might Not Need One.Experience doesn’t matter as much when he’s got Amtrak Joe’s agenda.
  4. street view
    How Joe Biden Can Be the Amtrak President New York NeedsStart with a new Hudson River tunnel and build from there.
  5. cityscape
    The Sunnyside Yard Master Plan Is a Mirage of a Better CityNew York City’s plan for the city’s heart is the best of all worlds. Whether it can actually exist in ours is another question.
  6. Amtrak Points Finger at Freight-Train Firm After Another Deadly CrashExperts say the long-overdue installation of positive train control technology could have prevented the crash, Amtrak’s third in seven weeks.
  7. One Dead After Train Carrying GOP Lawmakers Hits Trash TruckThe train’s passengers were largely unharmed.
  8. Trump Reacts to Train Crash by Tweeting About His TBA Infrastructure PlanThis doesn’t make any sense from a political or human-behavior perspective.
  9. Multiple People Killed After Amtrak Train Derails in Washington StateIt was the first day of a new route between Seattle and Portland.
  10. commutes from hell
    Cuomo and Christie Would Like Someone Other Than Amtrak to Run Penn StationAfter a recent string of commuter nightmares at the rail hub, the governors demand big changes.
  11. transportation
    Amtrak’s Plan to Fix Penn Station May Cause Extensive Delays for CommutersThe recent headaches for Long Island Rail Road and New Jersey Transit riders may just be the start.
  12. rip
    The Penn Station Amtrak Departures Board Goes DarkCrews began its removal Monday night.
  13. Time to Bid Farewell to Penn Station’s Iconic Amtrak Departures BoardIt will soon be replaced by many smaller digital displays.
  14. train crashes
    2 Dead After Amtrak Crash South of PhiladelphiaThe two people killed were reportedly Amtrak workers on the backhoe. As many as 35 people were injured aboard the train.
  15. Amtrak Train Derails in Kansas, Injuring DozensNobody was killed, and the cause is still unknown. 
  16. etiquette
    Chris Christie Violates Sanctity of Amtrak Quiet Car, Asked to Leave [Updated]One passenger says he was loud and angry, another says he was “super courteous.”
  17. scary things
    Amtrak Train Derails in VermontNo fatalities have been reported so far.
  18. show me the money
    Chuck Schumer Has an Idea for How to Prevent ‘Transportation Armageddon’It involves convincing governors Cuomo and Christie that he’s not making them a crap sandwich. 
  19. amtrak
    Amtrak Engineer Wasn’t Using Phone Before CrashThe National Transportation Safety Board releases new information about last month’s crash. 
  20. accidents
    Derailed Amtrak Train Wasn’t Hit by a BulletBut the FBI hasn’t ruled out the possibility that something else hit the windshield.
  21. transportation
    Full Amtrak Service Will Now Resume on Monday MorningA day earlier than expected.
  22. accidents
    Something Might Have Hit Amtrak Train Just Before Deadly CrashSeveral people have said that unidentified objects struck other trains in the area on the night of the accident.
  23. amtrak
    Full Amtrak Service Expected to Resume Next WeekInvestigators don’t yet know why the train crashed on Tuesday.
  24. amtrak
    All Passengers Found in Amtrak Crash, Death Toll at 8Investigators are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. 
  25. accidents
    Could Better Infrastructure Have Prevented the Amtrak Crash?As the investigation into Tuesday’s deadly train wreck continues, the debate over America’s outdated railways is intensifying.
  26. accidents
    Amtrak Train Was Going at Least 100 MPH Before CrashThe speed limit was 50 mph.
  27. sad things
    Man Fatally Struck by Amtrak Train in Washington HeightsHe was reportedly walking his bike near the tracks.
  28. travel writing
    The Amtrak Writers’ Residency’s Journey From Twitter to Talent SearchThey’ve received 15,000 applications, and accidentally started America’s Next Top Novelist.
  29. talking about the weather
    Polar Vortex Traps Amtrak Riders for 13 HoursEverywhere is a mess, but these people had a really terrible night.
  30. trans can get lost?
    NYC-Bound Amtrak Train Winds Up in Philly Suburb After Wrong TurnThey should get GPS on those things.
  31. stand clear of the derailed train
    Metro-North, Amtrak Restoring Service, Order to World by WednesdayRiders have not embraced change.
  32. stand clear of the derailed train
    Here’s How to Navigate Your Connecticut Commute TomorrowWhile crews rebuild 2,000 feet of track caused by Friday’s derailed train.
  33. first-world problems
    Amtrak’s Wi-Fi Supposedly Works NowBut you still can’t watch Netflix.
  34. transportation
    Penn Station Suspends Train Service at Worst Possible MomentIt would be impressive if it weren’t so nightmarish.
  35. accidents
    Dozens Injured in California Amtrak DerailmentA big rig hit a passenger train about 200 miles north of Los Angeles.
  36. high on the job
    More Amtrak Conductors Are High or Drunk on the Job Than Ever BeforeA comforting thought.
  37. oh the humanity
    Amtrak Wireless: Not So GreatFinally, journalistic attention is being paid to a crucial human-rights violation.
  38. transportation
    New York and New Jersey Connected by Decrepit Trains, Drooping WiresNJ Transit and Amtrak are getting really old.
  39. neighborhood news
    The Simmering Rage of the Quiet CarThe war between those whose interpretation of quiet includes whispering and those who insist on absolute silence grows increasingly partisan.
  40. the horror
    An ABC Reporter Tweets the Worst Train Ride of His LifeA cold, stranded Amtrak train will produce some memorable tweets.
  41. stand clear of the closing doors
    Amtrak Gets Onboard With Moynihan StationAfter years of not being involved, the train agency says it needs to expand, and wants to help.
  42. cultural capital
    Brian Williams Will Be Your Anchorblogger TonightCheck out BriWi’s MySpace page! He likes Vampire Weekend and hates Penn Station — just like us! (Except, dude, who is still on MySpace?)
  43. gossipmonger
    One of These Days, Sandra Day, Pow, Right in the KisserMembers of the ten-person Iraq Study Group, which included Sandra Day O’Connor and Vernon Jordan, almost came to blows over a disagreement. Both Paris Hilton and Britney Spears were no-shows at the Heatherette show. Sienna Miller’s secret to having a nice rump in Factory Girl? Spray-on makeup. Park Chinois, the haute Chinese restaurant that was to open in the Gramercy Park Hotel, is no more. Owen Wilson ate with the boldfaced names but hung out with the nobodies at the Waverly Inn. After getting dumped by boyfriend Isaac Cohen via phone, Britney Spears went out “partying like a college girl looking to get laid.” (And how, we must ask, is that different from all other nights?)