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    Adam Duritz Probably Should Have Married Jennifer Aniston When He Had the ChanceCounting Crows lead singer Adam Durtiz laments the fact that he’s 43, single, and sits home a lot. Alan Greenspan is worried about the economy, but he can’t be that worried: He celebrated his 82nd birthday the other night with a pricey dinner at Le Perigord. Jimmy Kimmel says he bought his ex-wife an engagement ring from Costco. Bill Clinton says his favorite movie of the year was Michael Clayton, but that he hasn’t seen There Will Be Blood. Defense attorney Mickey Sherman says he uses Otter’s “It’s the system’s fault!” speech from Animal House to justify defending shady clients. Tina Fey thinks she’s funnier than Jon Stewart.
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    Anand Jon: Excess of Evil?Earlier this year, New York designer Anand Jon was slapped with 32 criminal charges, including sexual battery and committing a lewd act on a child. Yesterday a Los Angeles court revealed that Jon was indicted with a whopping 54 felony counts (and five misdemeanors). He’s now accused of sexually assaulting twenty teenage girls, and the charges include “forcible rape, sexual battery by restraint, lewd acts upon a child, sexual penetration by a foreign object, using a minor for sex acts, forcible and attempted forcible oral copulation, assault with intent to commit a felony, possession or control of child pornography and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.” Which is, you know, an epic amount of evilness. His lawyer says the case is “made up out of whole cloth” (ooh, a fashion metaphor — appropriate and tasteful), but Jon is also under investigation in New York. If you’re not familiar with his design work, check out his Website AnandJon.com. As Defamer points out, you’ll quickly see that the only thing left out of his charges are extensive crimes against taste. Grand Jury Indicts Celeb Designer On Sexual Assault Charges [KNBC]
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    Anand Jon Was Always CreepyDesigner Anand Jon, who’s charged with multiple counts of sexual assault, is a publicity whore and total creep. Among the dogs in Lindsay Lohan’s life right now are a Yorkie, a Jack Russell, and Jude Law. Uma Thurman and André Balazs officially broke up yesterday. Nicole Richie collapsed on the set of The Simple Life in Malibu. A woman once died in Jay McInerney’s bed. The Jewish Theater of New York wants the Times to fire drama editor Rick Lyman for allegedly passing on reviewing Last Jew in Europe because of pressure from the Polish government. NY1 political anchor Dominic Carter wrote a book about his hard-knock childhood. Country-music star Merle Haggard backs Hillary Clinton for president but is not ready to fully commit to her. Florida advertising mogul Jordan Zimmerman is backing Mitt Romney for president. Two more top editors from Life & Style quit.