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Anders Breivik

  1. horrible things
    Anders Breivik Demanding PlayStation 3 in PrisonThe Norwegian mass-murderer is threatening a hunger strike unless the “torture” is alleviated.
  2. monsters
    Anders Breivik Declared Sane, Will Likely Spend Life in PrisonA Norwegian court found him sane. 
  3. other countries’ embarrassments
    Norway Built Psych Ward Just for BreivikJustice, Norway-style.
  4. monsters
    Anders Breivik Feels Your Pain“I lost everything. So to a certain extent, I understand.”
  5. photo op
    Norwegian Mass Murderer Anders Breivik Claims Self-DefenseHis trial started today. 
  6. norwegian nightmare
    Anders Breivik Is Officially InsaneNorwegian killer may not stand trial or serve prison time after psychiatric report.
  7. norwegian nightmare
    Anders Breivik Reenacts His Killing Spree in NorwayMeanwhile, victims come forward with their attempts to stop him.
  8. norwegian nightmare
    Plagiarized by a Murderer: Norway’s Anders Breivik Stole My WordsBlogger Sara Robinson on learning that portions of an essay that she wrote in 2008 had entered history as part of the madman’s manifesto.
  9. norwegian nightmare
    Anders Breivik’s Manifesto May Include CodeCould it be a target list?
  10. norwegian nightmare
    Anders Breivik Is Demanding CigarettesSheesh.
  11. norwegian nightmare
    Anders Breivik Will Only Wear a Red Lacoste SweaterFashion fundamentalist.
  12. norwegian nightmare
    Is This the Hellhole That Anders Breivik Will Live in for the Rest of His Life?Nope, it’s the swanky college dorm room he might spend the rest of his life in.