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  1. the national interest
    Putin Told Trump North Korea Couldn’t Launch Missiles, and He Believed ItHarrowing evidence Trump’s insane credulity on North Korea is influenced by Russia.
  2. 25th amendment
    The FBI’s Aborted Plan to Remove Trump From Office Was DelusionalAndrew McCabe says the DOJ considered lobbying Trump’s Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment. That sounds undemocratic — but it’s really just dumb.
  3. White House Pointlessly Threatens to Revoke Security Clearances From CriticsSome don’t actually have them, and the rest aren’t using them, but whatever.
  4. Trump Wanted Rosenstein to Give More Obstruction-y Reason for Comey FiringFormer FBI deputy director Andy McCabe reportedly worried that Rosenstein gave Trump “cover” by opting not to blame the Russia probe.
  5. Justice Department Watchdog: McCabe Misled InvestigatorsA newly released inspector general’s report alleges that the ex-deputy FBI chief approved a media disclosure, and then denied having done so.
  6. Trump Attacks Mueller Personally on TwitterAnother warning sign that he may be preparing to do something drastic.
  7. Reports: McCabe Kept Memos of Interactions With TrumpHis firing may turn out to be another big headache for the president.
  8. the national interest
    Trump Is Taking Out His Enemies and Turning Toward Robert MuellerThe president builds his attack on the rule of law.
  9. Jeff Sessions Fires Andrew McCabe Two Days Before RetirementThis sure looks like the result of a political vendetta.
  10. Trump Didn’t Unify the FBI by Firing Comey. He Demoralized It.Newly released internal FBI emails cut against Trump’s characterization of the agency’s morale.
  11. Trump Keeps Throwing Tantrums When He Remembers He Isn’t a DictatorNew reports suggest that whenever the Justice Department reminds Trump that it is not his private detective service, he flips out.
  12. FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Opts for Early RetirementDonald Trump asked McCabe to tell him who he voted for in 2016. When McCabe refused, Trump asked for him to be fired.
  13. Trump Reportedly Asked Acting FBI Chief Whom He Voted for, Didn’t Like AnswerDuring his chat with Andrew McCabe, Trump also complained about donations to McCabe’s wife’s campaign, which he’s falsely linked to Hillary Clinton.
  14. Will the FBI Snap Under Trump’s Pressure?The president and his enablers are going hard after the agency — and it appears to be paying off.
  15. Acting FBI Director Tells Congress Comey Had ‘Broad Support’ Within BureauMcCabe undermines the White House on two big fronts, while giving assurances that the administration has not tried to interfere in the Russia probe.
  16. Grassley Strongly Implies That Comey Told Him Trump Isn’t Under InvestigationThe Republican senator called on the FBI to say publicly whether it is investigating the president.