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Andrew Puzder

  1. Puzder Is the First Trump Nominee to Fall Before He Is ConfirmedLiberals disliked Puzder for anti-labor policies and proud sexism. National Review disliked his immigration views. His many problems did him in.
  2. trump transition
    With 4 GOP Senators Undecided, Andrew Puzder Nomination Is in JeopardySenators have watched a 1990 episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show in which Pudzer’s ex-wife appeared as a victim of domestic violence.
  3. government gazillionaires
    The Billionaires (and Mega-Millionaires) Trump Wants in His CabinetPopulism has seldom been so rich. A nominee dossier.
  4. Kentucky Anti-Union Drive a Harbinger of What We Will See in WashingtonIt’s not getting a lot of attention, but an anti-union drive, reflecting a radicalization of the GOP, is likely in Washington, as shown in the states.
  5. Trump Is Using Cabinet Picks to Wage War on the Executive BranchHe is setting records in how many people he’s appointing who don’t believe in the core missions of the agencies they will run.
  6. Trump’s Labor Pick Draws Breitbart BacklashThe Labor Department enforces immigration law in the workplace — and Trump just picked a “pro-amnesty” business owner to lead that department.