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  1. politics
    Rebecca Traister and Andrew Sullivan Talk Trump and the Democrats on Real TimeAnd Traister explains why Hillary Clinton couldn’t just kick Trump in the nuts at the second debate.
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    Andrew Sullivan’s Advice for Beating ‘Distraction Sickness’Andrew Sullivan answers fan questions to dig deeper into his article ‘I Used to Be a Human Being’ via Twitter.
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    Andrew Sullivan: My Distraction Sickness — and YoursAn endless bombardment of news and gossip and images has rendered us manic information addicts. It broke me. It might break you, too.
  4. Andrew Sullivan Liveblogs the RNC, Night 1Join us at 8 p.m. tonight for Sullivan’s return to blogging as he covers events at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.
  5. the national circus
    Indiana, Arkansas, and the GOP’s Disastrous Anti-Gay Bigotry There will be consequences far beyond the economic punishment that is already being inflicted on Indiana.
  6. timeline
    A Look Back at Andrew Sullivan’s the DishAs he closes down his blog, a timeline of what it served daily.
  7. blog-stained wretches
    Andrew Sullivan Can’t Necessarily Make It AnywhereHe’s leaving New York. 
  8. blog-stained wretches
    Andrew Sullivan Moves The Dish Into Its New HomeNo subscriber-only content so far.
  9. media spats
    Piers Morgan ‘Couldn’t Give a Toss’ About That ‘Dick’ Andrew SullivanThe CNN host is pretty sure he’s driving the conversation, thanks.
  10. blog-stained wretches
    Andrew Sullivan Raking It in Because He’s Andrew SullivanPeople are paying up early because he’s a massive brand.
  11. blog-stained wretches
    Andrew Sullivan Leaves Daily Beast, Gives the Dish a New HomeIn pursuit of “curiosity and freedom.”
  12. Andrew Sullivan Is Just Having a Tough Week, Okay?!He moved to New York City.
  13. Why Obama Supporters Should Not Freak OutTake a deep breath.
  14. the most important people in the world
    Breaking: Anderson Cooper Is Gay“The fact is, I’m gay, always have been, always will be … “
  15. generational politics
    GOP Memo: Republicans Not Nearly As Anti-Gay As Their PartyOnly 29 percent oppose any legal recognition of same-sex relationships.
  16. america’s sweetheart
    Andrew Sullivan Continues to Be So Very Tortured by Sarah Palin’s ExistenceMeanwhile, we’re tortured by our obsession with his obsession.
  17. america’s sweetheart
    Post-Palin Traumatic SyndromeHow people are dealing with the news.
  18. america’s sweetheart
    Inside the Palin Industrial Complex: The People Who Thrive on Speculating About Her Presidential IntentionsPlus, confessions of a former Palinologist.
  19. equal rites
    Marriage, New York Style: Frank Rich and Adam Moss Talk About Andrew Cuomo, Larry Kramer … and Alice PlaytenA civil rights landmark, plus the latest production of ‘The Normal Heart’ and a tribute to the actress Alice Playten.
  20. blog-stained wretches
    Andrew Sullivan’s Departure Didn’t Hurt TheAtlantic.com’s TrafficEverybody wins.
  21. blog-stained wretches
    Andrew Sullivan and the Dish Leave The Atlantic for Tina BrownWell, that must have cost a fortune.
  22. bons mots
    Andrew Sullivan Is Not Going to Pretend That There Was Anything Good About Robert ByrdThat “racist, populist, larcenous bigot.”
  23. twitterphobia
    A Lot of Old and New Media Types Went Crazy About Twitter This MonthSusan Orlean! George Packer! Nick Bilton! Leon Whatsisname!
  24. blogfights!
    Leon Wieseltier Calls Andrew Sullivan an Anti-Semite, Again and Again, AgainThis is, in fact, getting “tedious.”
  25. america’s sweetheart
    One of Sarah Palin’s Odd Lies Resurfaces on OprahDid her kids take a vote on her joining the McCain campaign? Probably not, but Palin has told the story both ways.
  26. ink-stained wretches
    Howard Kurtz Suspicious of Atlantic Media-Politics DinnersIf it’s secret and elite, it can’t be good.
  27. inaugur-nation!
    Christopher Hitchens Blames Torture on Common Americans, Demands ‘Tongue’ From Andrew Sullivan“I want tongue. Give me tongue,” Hitchens implored.
  28. early and often
    Obama Also Met With Liberal ColumnistsAnd Rachel Maddow, just because.
  29. bons mots
    Andrew Sullivan: ‘I Had Some Weird Nightmare About Sarah Palin and Crystal Meth Last Night’That’s funny, because we dreamed about Track Palin and a fistful of poppers.
  30. blog-stained wretches
    Andrew Sullivan Explains the BlogThe ‘Atlantic’ online columnist muses at length about the genre he helped form.
  31. early and often
    Et Tu, GOP? The Conservative Betrayal SpectrumSo which Republican pundits have undercut McCain the most?
  32. early and often
    This Thing Is Still Wide OpenThe rapidly emerging conventional wisdom after tonight’s victories in New Hampshire for Hillary Clinton and John McCain runs as follows: • Both races are still up for grabs, although the Democrats have probably narrowed to a Barack-Hillary face-off. • We’ll all be sick of hearing about The Cry very soon. • Unless McCain runs the table through Florida, even Rudy still has a shot, because Republican momentum is so divided. On the big question of the night — why were the polls showing Obama with a double-digit lead so wrong, and how did Hillary come back? — there are many answers. Because the media underplayed the margin of error, says Talking Points Memo. Because Democrats like a fighter, says Slate. Because people like to look racially progressive when they talk to pollsters but turn conservative in the voting booth (a.k.a. the “Bradley Effect”) says the National Review and many others (Franklin Foer has a less depressing variation on this theme, too.) Because New Hampshire voters didn’t want to copy Iowa again, says the New Republic. Because of voter backlash against the media’s Obama hype, says Andrew Sullivan. One thing is for sure: The year ahead is going to be pretty interesting.
  33. ink-stained wretches
    ‘The Atlantic’ Brings the Media Party to Its Gruesome, Inevitable ConclusionAfter 150 years of really great ideas, The Atlantic has come up with one that makes us uncomfortable. To celebrate their anniversary milestone, reports WWD, they’re going to throw a big party with stars you’d expect, like Tom Wolfe, Arianna Huffington, and Moby (er…), but they’re going to put the whole thing onstage. The audience will be whoever wants to stop by and watch journalists and luminaries get together and schmooze. “It’s the cocktail party as performance art,” said Atlantic Media consumer media president Justin Smith. First of all, didn’t Gawker already have this idea when they had a live feed from their book party? At least at their version, people were doing drugs and trying to hook up. And second, can The Atlantic possibly believe that people, even readers, would want to watch journalists frolicking in their natural habitat*? This is not a good sign. If you’ve ever wondered whether Andrew Sullivan or Matthew Yglesias is better over canapés, you are truly, truly demented. Or, you know, a blogger. Are we really at the point that people are throwing parties solely to pander to us? Somehow we imagined this would feel more satisfying. *Open bars on someone else’s dime, naturally. Life of the Party [WWD]
  34. gossipmonger
    Alex Kuczynski Has a Smart BrotherA drunk Justin Long spilled soup on himself twice at Veselka, and then fell for the old beer as “stain remover” trick. The Observer tried to hire event planner Elli Frank to help throw some upcoming parties, despite the fact that the paper referred to her as a “madam” three years ago. James Frey sold a book (this time a novel) to HarperCollins. John-Michael Kuczynski, brother of plastic surgery maven Alex Kuczynski, wrote a book titled “Conceptual Atomism and the Computional Theory of Mind.” Retired Giant Tiki Barber attended a book party celebrating the memoir “I Dream of Blue,” where coach Tom Coughlin was the butt of some playful ribbing. Knopf editor and Gabriel Garcia Marquez champion Ashbel Green is retiring at the age of 80.