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  1. in my experience
    I’m an iPhone User. My Friend Switched to Android and I Thought She Disappeared.She went silent in our iMessage group chat. Birthday wishes. Still no reply. Even after we realized Android was to blame, we never recovered.
  2. tech boot camp
    How to Use Your Phone to Use Your Phone LessThe “hair of the dog” method for screen addiction.
  3. select all
    Google Hit With $5 Billion Fine From E.U. Over Android BundlingIt hearkens back to the old Microsoft antitrust case.
  4. select all
    What Do Facebook Permissions Really Mean?Not even Facebook seems to know.
  5. select all
    How to Play HQ Trivia on Android Right NowWaiting until January is for suckers.
  6. select all
    Your Date Is Probably (Definitely) Judging Your Android PhoneTurns out, iPhone owners are pretty picky about their date’s phones.
  7. select all
    Why It Matters That Trump Is Still Using an Insecure PhoneThe Secret Service would prefer that he use a phone with military-grade encryption and almost none of the standard features.
  8. Donald Trump Is Still Using His Unsecured Personal Cell PhoneIt’s beginning to look like the president’s outrage over Hillary Clinton’s email habits may not have been entirely sincere.
  9. select all
    Here Are All the Goodies We’re Expecting From Google’s Big Event Next WeekAt its event on Tuesday, the search giant is out to prove it can also put out quality consumer tech.
  10. This Shell That Turns Your Phone Into a Laptop Has Raised Over $1 MillionStill trying to make the laptop happen.
  11. The Android-ification of iOS Has BegunThe company seems to have more faith in its users and developers.
  12. the future
    NYPD Rocking Fancy New Android Phones (That Don’t Make Calls)But they don’t make calls.
  13. patently insane
    Apple Claims Minor Victory vs. GoogleYour HTC phone might get a tiny bit more complicated.
  14. technology
    Google Buying Motorola Mobility for $12.5 BillionIt’s all about Android versus the iPhone.
  15. are you there google? it’s me margaret
    E-mails Show How Google Uses Android to Make Phone Companies ‘Do Things We Want’“This feels like a disaster :(”
  16. private eyes are watching you
    How Much Should You Freak Out About Apple and Google Tracking Your Location?Depends on your paranoia level.
  17. are you there google? it’s me margaret
    Google’s Android Wins the Smartphone Popularity ContestIs Jobs’s ego hurting Apple?
  18. bons mots
    Fake Steve Jobs Has Some Thoughts on Apple’s Competition“We see RIM, in our rearview mirror, yelling at us to slow down.”
  19. sexy tech
    Irrefutable Evidence That an iPhone Will Get You LaidThe average number of sexual partners for 30-year-olds according to their smartphone brand.