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Andy Cohen

  1. 21 questions
    Andy Cohen Has a Long List of Favorite MedicationsThe Bravo star answers our 21 questions.
  2. party chat
    Chelsea Clinton: I Want My Kids to Grow Up With Marriage EqualityThe former first daughter speaks out for gay rights.
  3. bons mots
    Ten People We Wish Had Used the Kobe/Kyl Non-ApologyAndy Cohen, Donald Trump, even Barack Obama — they could all learn a lesson from these guys.
  4. party chat
    Andy Cohen: Anderson Cooper Is Fussy About His BeadsThe things you learn on Mardi Gras.
  5. bons mots
    Andy Cohen Called Heidi Montag ‘Trash’ and Said He’d ‘Rather Stab Knives’ Into His Eyes Than Have Her on BravoThat’s another thing that happened today.
  6. gays of our lives
    Bravo’s Gay Reality Show Still in Planning Phase, Would Feature ‘Less Drama’Than the drama-filled Logo show ‘The A-List,’ that is.
  7. ‘mocialites
    Why Andy Cohen’s New Gay Show Will Hopefully Succeed by Failing at Its Goal [Updated]We have some thoughts about ‘From the Bottom to the Top.’
  8. brushes with greatness
    Spotted Last Night on Avenue CApparently, Eastern Alphabet City is the new West Village.
  9. hellivision
    The Real Housewives Reunion, Featuring Al SharptonA pre-enactment.
  10. tiger catches tail
    ‘By Sleeping With a Married Man, You’re Only Helping Him Stay Married’More wisdom from Ashley Dupré.
  11. sex on skates
    Andy Cohen’s ‘Get Levi Johnston Naked’ Crusade Has So Far FailedAs punishment, here’s a scantily clad pic of Cohen himself.
  12. sex on skates
    Levi Johnston Will Bare His Alaskan Pipeline for the Right Amount of MoneySex on Skates discusses his gay-icon status.
  13. hellivision
    The Real Victims of Bernie MadoffMadoff victims’ fights with one another have a reality-show quality.