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  1. how do you solve a problem like santorum
    Dan Savage Threatens to Re-Define Rick Santorum’s First Name, Too“And if there’s crying … “
  2. awkward things
    Wolf Blitzer’s Epic Celebrity Jeopardy! FailThe august newsman loses to a comedian and the lady from ‘China Beach.’
  3. cultural capital
    Andy Richter, We Love You. Your Show? Not So Much. Just when Emily Nussbaum and Adam Sternbergh declared their love for 30 Rock, NBC yanks it off the air temporarily and tries out Andy Barker, P.I., the new sitcom from Andy Richter. It’s been years since Richter left the Conan O’Brien show (no Ed McMahon is he), but his last sitcom venture, Andy Richter Controls the Universe aired fifteen episodes in 2002–2003 on Fox. Does his new show have a chance? Emily and Adam watched the premiere last night, then did their postmortem on IM. Nussbaum: That was freakin’ depressing. Sternbergh: Hmmm. A “freakin’ depressing” right out of the gate. Sternbergh: I don’t smell five stars a-comin’. Nussbaum: Are you filled with foolish, young hope? Nussbaum: The hope of a man who just saw a first episode… Nussbaum: …and sees a great season ahead, and then three excellent DVD sets with hilarious commentary and cool extras? Sternbergh: I am, uh, er … well …