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Andy Rooney

  1. obits
    60 Minutes’ Andy Rooney Has Died at 92From complications during minor surgery.
  2. heroes
    Andy Rooney Grudgingly Thanks His Supporters in 60 Minutes Sign-offThanks, but don’t bother me anymore.
  3. media
    Andy Rooney Is Giving It a Rest’60 Minutes’ is losing its resident curmudgeon.
  4. the most important people in the world
    George Clooney Does a Killer Andy Rooney ImpressionAlso, he’s potentially crazy.
  5. company town
    Today, Andy Rooney and Charlie Gibson Equally UnfunnyMEDIA • Don Imus, his big settlement with CBS finally behind him, is now looking to make a comeback on ABC radio. [NYP] • Andy Rooney apologizes for crossing the line from crotchety to racist – sort of. [NYT] • Charlie Gibson wants you to remember that he, unlike Katie Couric and Brian Williams, is humorless. [NYT]