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  1. germany
    Social Democrats Claim Mandate After Close German ElectionIf results hold, Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union could lose its place at the head of the federal government it’s led since 2005.
  2. covid-19
    Second Coronavirus Wave Propels European Countries Into Lockdown 2.0France, Germany announce lockdowns that will last at least a month. “We no longer have control of the spread of the virus,” Chancellor Merkel warned.
  3. covid-19
    European Union Passes U.S. in Active Coronavirus CasesThe continent’s progress in battling the virus has stalled badly.
  4. coronavirus
    How Germany Plans to Start Opening Up, Starting Next WeekThis is what it looks like when a responsible country begins to lift social-distancing restrictions.
  5. coronavirus
    The Leader of the Free World Gives a Speech, and She Nails ItA speech with compassion and forthrightness — imagine that.
  6. world view
    Trump Has Undone the Alliance That Made D-Day a SuccessFor decades, the U.S. and Europe were tightly bound by shared values and sacrifice. Trump’s visit normalized a reality that is none of those things.
  7. global politics
    Angela Merkel’s Exit Is Yet Another Blow to European StabilityFor 14 years, the German chancellor defined both the promise and the limits of EU politics. It’s unclear how – or even whether – she can be replaced.
  8. foreign policy
    There Is No Cleaning Up the Foreign-Policy Mess Trump Is MakingOur allies are learning that Trump’s personal pique means a great deal — and decades of commitments and partnership mean very little.
  9. foreign policy
    Even the Best-Case Scenario for Trump and NATO Is GrimEven the idea of a positive or neutral meeting that signals to Moscow that the alliance is still united is ridiculous.
  10. Trump Tweets Signal Usual Aggressive Posture Heading Into NATO SummitThis is not going to be an enjoyable week for America’s most important traditional allies.
  11. Trump Could Accidentally Help Save Angela Merkel’s JobTrump’s attacks on Merkel might backfire. Maybe he should embrace those foreign leaders he would destroy.
  12. Trump Tossed Starburst to Merkel at G7: ‘Don’t Say I Never Gave You Anything’The incident came after a frustrated Trump was teamed up on by a gaggle of world leaders.
  13. World Leaders React to Trump’s Bizarre Attacks on Canada“The withdrawal, so to speak, via tweet is of course … sobering and a bit depressing.”
  14. Single Photo Sums Up America’s Isolation at G7 SummitA picture is worth a thousand exasperated sighs.
  15. foreign policy
    Europe Reveals Its Latest Strategy for Managing TrumpIt’s a two-pronged affair with Emmanuel Macron leading the charm offensive and Angela Merkel talking tough.
  16. international affairs
    Angela Merkel Retains Power in Germany After Months of DeadlockShe will begin her fourth, and reportedly last, term as chancellor later this month.
  17. the national interest
    Trump’s Favorite World Leaders Are All Male DictatorsThe American president demands British prime minister stop protests and media criticism.
  18. foreign affairs
    Germany’s Political Turmoil Is Bad News for EuropeAngela Merkel picked a particularly unfortunate year to have this much trouble forming a government.
  19. Merkel’s Efforts to Teach Trump About Diplomacy Didn’t Go WellIt reportedly ended with the chancellor repeatedly explaining that Germany can’t negotiate trade deals separately from the E.U.
  20. Jitters Rise in Europe As Merkel Can’t Form GovernmentIf Angela Merkel can no longer govern Germany, how can Germany govern the EU?
  21. foreign affairs
    Angela Merkel Won Reelection, But Is She Still the Leader of the Free World?Sunday’s election results complicate her task of defending liberal democracy from the forces of right-wing xenophobia.
  22. Merkel Wins 4th Term in Germany As Far Right GainsA victory for stability, but with a warning sign.
  23. select all
    Angela Merkel Rolling Her Eyes at Putin Is the GIF You Didn’t Know You NeededA viral moment from the G20 summit.
  24. German Lawmakers Vote to Legalize Same-Sex MarriageChancellor Angela Merkel cleared the way for parliament to consider legalization, but she voted against it.
  25. Trump Doubles Down on Feud With Germany in Early-Morning TweetAs Germany’s political leaders express their loss of faith in the U.S., Trump vows to change Berlin’s “very bad” conduct toward the U.S.
  26. international affairs
    Merkel Says Trump-Led U.S. Is No Longer a Reliable AllyShe thinks Europe must now be prepared to go it alone.
  27. Ivanka Trump Booed While Praising Her Father in GermanyAt the W20 summit, the First Daughter spoke on a panel with Angela Merkel and IMF chief Christine Lagarde. Ivanka was not the crowd favorite.
  28. How Much Does Donald Trump Hate His Job? A Photographic Investigation“I can’t believe I’m saying I’m a politician, but I guess that’s what I am now.”
  29. Trump: Being Wiretapped by Obama Is the One Thing Merkel and I Have in Common“As far as wiretapping … by this past administration, at least we have something in common, perhaps.”
  30. Trump Refuses to Shake Hands With Angela Merkel, and It’s Very AwkwardThe extremely mature president never forgets a slight.
  31. World Leaders Rip Trump’s Travel Ban As Iraqi Parliament Votes to Ban AmericansThere’s disappointment in Europe and pledges to take reciprocal measures in Iran and Iraq.
  32. international affairs
    Angela Merkel Will Run for 4th Term As German ChancellorAfter Trump’s victory, some having been calling her the new leader of the free world.
  33. The American People Think Donald Trump Is Weak on TerrorA new poll finds that Americans vastly preferred Clinton’s response to the Orlando shooting and have little faith in Trump on issues of national security.
  34. Angela Merkel Suggests EU Doesn’t Want to Be U.K.’s Friend With Benefits“Whoever wants to leave this family cannot expect to have no more obligations but to keep the privileges,” the German chancellor said, ahead of an EU meeting in Brussels.
  35. Germany to Prosecute Comic for Mocking ErdoganA little-known German law takes a very, well, German approach to the question of whether it’s okay to ridicule representatives of other nations.
  36. migrant crisis
    Germany to Release More Info on AssaultsMeanwhile, Chancellor Angela Merkel canceled trips abroad in order to deal with the unfurling mess. 
  37. photo op
    What Is Benjamin Netanyahu’s Shadow Trying to Say Here?A meeting with Merkel otherwise went well.
  38. spy games
    Merkel Revelation Costs Obama His European ‘BFF’No more sunset chats about Greece’s debt crisis.
  39. spy games
    Officials Claim Obama Didn’t Know U.S. Was Spying on Other World LeadersOn the bright side, he wasn’t lying to Merkel.
  40. international intrigue
    Obama Not Spying on Merkel at This Exact MomentAwkward.
  41. international intrigue
    It’s Not Easy Being Angela Merkel’s ShouldersMany beers were spilled on them last week.
  42. Benetton Imagines a World Where Berlusconi Is Hot for MerkelThe retailer has unveiled a splashy new ad campaign.
  43. international intrigue
    Germany Gives the Thumbs Up to Bailout Fund ExpansionIt wasn’t close after all.
  44. international intrigue
    Here’s What Silvio Berlusconi Called Angela MerkelWow.
  45. ceremony
    Obama Plans to Honor Former President BushThe dad, not the son.
  46. international intrigue
    Letter Bomb Sent to German Chancellor Angela MerkelThe explosive missive, believed to be sent by terrorists in Greece, was discovered safely.
  47. the bush years
    Who Poisoned the Bushes in 2007?Somebody, says Laura Bush!
  48. europea
    European Union Agrees to Bail Out GreeceGermany is especially pissed about it.
  49. photo op
    Hillary Clinton Encounters Doppelgänger During Trip to GermanyIt’s like looking into a mirror.
  50. early and often
    Obama on Middle East Peace: ‘The Moment Is Now’In Germany alongside Chancellor Angela Merkel, the president reiterated his calls for sacrifice and progress between Israel and Palestine.
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