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Animal Abuse

  1. feline puppies!!
    Animal Rescuers Found Brooklyn Cat-Kicker’s Feline Victim After a two-and-a-half-hour chase.
  2. monsters
    Internet Helps Track Down Brooklyn Cat-KickerA Facebook video led to the 21-year-old’s arrest.
  3. awful things
    New York’s ‘Operation Angry Birds’ Is Less Fun Than It SoundsIt’s New York’s biggest cockfighting bust ever.
  4. animanhattan
    Another Carriage Horse Went DownThe Horse and Carriage Association has a simple explanation.
  5. puppies!!!!!!
    DNA Being Used to Convict Animal AbusersSaving puppies and kitties with science.
  6. animal crime
    Hamster Killer Walks Free!After all that.
  7. animal crime
    Hamster Deaths Rip Bushwick Family ApartThis would never happen in Carroll Gardens.
  8. puppies!!!!!!
    14 Pit Bulls Rescued From a Bronx Apartment FireAnd now, your redemptive pup story of the day.