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Animal Cruelty

  1. ballot initiatives
    Coming Soon: The Great California Bacon CrisisA 2018 ballot initiative could boost pork prices nationally and even make bacon disappear in California, bringing home debates on cruelty to animals.
  2. Animal-Cruelty Charges Slapped on Woman Who Shared Viral Photo of Duct-Taped DogAnimal Services had to issue a press release pleading with people to stop calling about the photo so employees could do their jobs and take care of other animals.
  3. people are terrible
    Worst Person Ever Charged in Yonkers Cat DeathsHe stuffed them into plastic bags.
  4. crimes and misdemeanors
    Everyone Hates a Cat-KickerThis one faces up to a year in jail, with no option for a plea deal.
  5. puppies!!!!!!
    Brooklyn Man Tattoos Dog, Sparks ChangeA New York politician wants to make it illegal now.
  6. animal cruelty
    Who’s Worse: The Upstate Man Having Sex With Cows or His Friend Filming It?The correct answer is both.
  7. animal cruelty
    Father and Son Kill Cat With Stick, Throw It in TrashWhy?
  8. sad things
    Pennsylvanians Busted for Hoarding Over 200 ChihuahuasSome were sick, some deceased.
  9. neighborhood news
    NYPD Blue Writer Arrested for Fatally Punching PoodleQueens man accused of hitting his dog in the head.