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  1. where are they now?
    Good Night, Embassy Cat, and Good LuckWherever you are, we hope you’re in better, less manipulative hands.
  2. environment
    The Trump Administration’s War on Wildlife Should Be a ScandalAmid the broader environmental damage, the eradication of certain wildlife due to farming, drilling, and hunting policies has mostly gone unnoticed.
  3. the panopticon
    A List of Every Animal That Humans Can Spy on With Facial RecognitionIt’s way more than you think.
  4. bears
    Judge Saves Yellowstone Grizzlies From First Legal Hunt in DecadesWyoming and Idaho were set to allow the hunting of grizzlies in the lower 48 states for the first time since 1991.
  5. Hundreds of Protected Baby Birds Massacred by Dumb HumansA colony of little least terns suffered mass casualties after beach-volleyball players invaded their habitat last month.
  6. The Endangered Species Act Is in the Trump Administration’s CrosshairsA proposed plan would focus on “reducing the regulatory burden” of the landmark law.
  7. Trump Team Blocks Criticism of Bill Allowing Hunters to Massacre Bear CubsThe National Park Service has concerns about the NRA’s new hunters’ rights bill. Trump’s team reportedly told NPS to keep its worries to itself.
  8. what next?
    United Airlines Faces Another PR Disaster After Giant Rabbit Dies on Flight“Something very strange has happened and I want to know what.”
  9. Donald Trump Jr. Is in Montana to Campaign and Kill Prairie DogsThe president’s son usually prefers to kill much bigger animals.
  10. WATCH: This Elephant Sanctuary Is Trying to Save Elephants From HumansIt acts as a retirement home for overworked and injured elephants.
  11. London Zoo Gorilla Escapes Enclosure, Isn’t Brutally MurderedKumbuka is safe and sound back in his den.
  12. select all
    It Is Enjoyable Watching Animals Play Terrible Basketball DefenseThey just don’t stand a chance, and they seem to know it.
  13. select all
    This Is What a Deer Would Look Like If It Had Eyes at the Front of Its HeadAlso, a shark.
  14. Ancient Viral Lobster Killed in Pathetic Attempt to Save ItRest in peace, Larry. We will never forget.
  15. Alaskan Goat Drowns While Escaping from Camera-Wielding TouristsA goat in Alaska jumped off a cliff after being frightened by people with cameras.
  16. amazing things
    ‘Big Ass Turtle’ Survives High-Speed Car Crash in FloridaThe turtle was hit by one car and propelled through the windshield of another car going more than 70 mph. 
  17. This Device Lets You Spy on Your Pets While You’re Away All DayWe imagine this might also work to spy on roommates? Not that we condone that sort of behavior.
  18. Cow That Really Didn’t Want to Get Eaten Escapes From Slaughterhouse in QueensLife is short, death is certain.
  19. war is hell
    Baboons Declare War at Toronto ZooThe power vacuum at the baboon house has caused months of mayhem. 
  20. sad things
    There Are Only 3 Northern White Rhinos Left on EarthAnd they are being watched by armed guards 24/7.
  21. other people’s local news
    These Deer Really Just Want to Get Inside Before WinterThey are coming.
  22. oops
    Chocolate-Makers Help Save Cat From Engine Compartment of Pickup TruckThe cat was found trapped in fan blades after a 28-mile ride.
  23. animals
    Dead Whale Washes Onto Coney Island BeachWorst vacation ever.
  24. urban fauna
    Why Coyotes Are Flourishing in New York CityThey may be better suited to the urban environment than you’d expect.
  25. tourists
    Is Mary Lee the Great White Shark Coming to Visit New York?The 16-foot shark is headed up the Jersey Shore, after swimming tens of thousands of miles along the East Coast.
  26. animals
    Nipple-Eating Zebra Looking for a New Home After Eating NippleWhat? He was hungry.
  27. bill de blasio’s new york
    NYC Zoo Won’t Let Mayor Hold Groundhogs AnymoreProgress?
  28. animals
    Raccoon Plans Aerial AttackHumans don’t stand a chance.
  29. puppies!!!!!!
    Here Are the Best Costumes From This Year’s Halloween Dog Parade You want to see these. 
  30. bill de blasio’s new york
    Carriage Horse Runs Loose in Central Park, Hits CabProviding more fodder for both sides of the carriage debate.
  31. feline puppies!!
    Kicked Cat Ready for a Home Where He Won’t Be Kicked AgainA happy ending.
  32. scary and sad things
    Mother Bear Killed After Breaking Into New Jersey HomeOfficials rounded up her cubs.
  33. feline puppies!!
    Kicked Cat Is Recovering NicelyGood news.
  34. feline puppies!!
    Animal Rescuers Found Brooklyn Cat-Kicker’s Feline Victim After a two-and-a-half-hour chase.
  35. carriage wars
    Sketchy Horse-Drawn-Carriage Driver Isn’t Doing His Industry Any Favors He got caught trying to pass a sick, old horse off for a younger, healthy animal.
  36. cute things
    Baby Gorillas Now Doing Cute Things at the Bronx ZooDetails are scarce, but there is video.
  37. bill de blasio’s new york
    Carriage Horse Freaks Out and Collapses As Humans Argue About Its Fate [Updated]A witness said the animal was spooked by a bus.
  38. bill de blasio’s new york
    De Blasio Still Plans to Ban Carriage Horses It’s complicated.
  39. international intrigue
    Russia Has Also Seized Ukraine’s Military DolphinsWho might actually appreciate the change of leadership.
  40. animals
    Danish Zoo That Killed Giraffe Doubles Down With Execution of Lion FamilyThe zoo says it was for their own good.
  41. talking about the weather
    This Winter Is Killing New York City’s Birds TooAnd we thought humans had it bad.
  42. talking about the weather
    El Niño Supposedly Coming With Warmer WeatherWelcome back!
  43. animals
    The Port Authority Kills a Lot of Animals at New York and New Jersey’s Airports No one wants another Miracle on the Hudson.
  44. animanhattan
    New York’s Mute Swans May Have Escaped Mass Death Sentence Thanks to a public outcry.
  45. tragedies
    Beloved Snowy Owl Hit by Bus in Washington, D.C.The nation’s capital is in shock.
  46. dirty jobs
    New York Wants to Do Away With Mute Swans Once and for AllGrim stuff.
  47. zoo york
    There Are a Lot of Illegal Exotic Animals in NYCAnd some of them eat rats.
  48. neighborhood news
    Sidewalk Garbage Can Is Not the Best Place to Dispose of a Taxidermied Deer It’s creepy.
  49. art
    A Chimp Painted This With Its Tongue, Won $10,000It’s kinda nice.
  50. animals
    Sweet, Sensitive New Jersey Trucker Saves Troubled Swan CoupleThe ordeal stopped traffic on the Turnpike today.
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