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  1. why they hate one another
    Swan Wars in Prospect Park!The swans have gone from “elegant” to “murderous.”
  2. neighborhood news
    Thirty Sharks Coming to Coney IslandSure, they’ll be walled off in a giant aquarium … for now.
  3. puppies!!!!!!
    New York’s Oldest Dog Celebrates 20th BirthdayHas he no RESPECT?
  4. animanhattan
    New York Firefighters Did Not Enjoy Giving This Elephant a Bath!It may look like this member of FDNY Engine 245 is smiling as he soaps up Suzie the Ringling Brothers Elephant, but in reality it is a grimace of pain.
  5. animanhattan
    The Animals of Summer 2009A tribute in pictures.
  6. animanhattan
    A.G. Sulzberger Writes Practical Poetry About a ParrotSeriously, this is his big day.
  7. animanhattan
    Masked Intruder Breaks Into City HallAfter a near-escape, the intruder is currently in custody.
  8. Mutant Rabbits, Assorted Other Fantastical Creatures Living Near JFK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. animanhattan
    Snake Surprises on the Rise in New YorkNo, this isn’t a trendy new dish. It’s an APOCALYPSE.
  10. Sad Panda Is Missing!We fear the worst.
  11. animanhattan
    Wild, Southern Animal Invades Bronx HomeThis is definitely not a good sign.
  12. animanhattan
    So What Songs Are Those Blue Whales Singing in Our Waters?There are Leviathans off our coast making music. They’ve got to be singing catchy tunes, right? Maybe with a smooth jazz beat?
  13. romeo and mooliet
    More Proof That You Have to Leave New York City to Find a BoyfriendMolly the cow moves out to the country, is already in a relationship.
  14. revolution
    Run, Bessie, Run!A cow escaped from the slaughterhouse in Queens, and has made her way to sweet freedom!
  15. animanhattan
    Another Leviathan Hulks Close to New York ShoalsThis one was near Coney Island. They’re surrounding us!
  16. animanhattan
    Leviathan Leaves New York … For NowThank God, the threat has passed.
  17. animanhattan
    Watch Out! There Might Be a Whale in Your Neighborhood!God, just what we need. First pirates, and now LEVIATHANS.
  18. it’s okay to laugh
    Matt Lauer Injured in Freak Bicycle-Deer Fight AccidentThe ‘Today’ host will undergo shoulder surgery today, according to reports.
  19. crazytown
    Anybody Want a Life-size Killer Whale?That’s what one Craigslist poster recently wanted to know.
  20. animanhattan
    Law & Order: Reptile UnitWhile we were all paying attention to other things, a ring of reptile smugglers was being brought to justice.
  21. animanhattan
    Upper West Side Woman Sues Neighbor’s ChihuahuasBecause they are annoying.
  22. animanhattan
    Boa Constrictor Nuzzles Children in BrooklynThis is a story with a happy ending.
  23. animanhattan
    Ape Living Life of Connecticut Divorcée Goes WildMauls local female after she gets fetching new haircut.
  24. animanhattan
    Prospect Park Zoo Red Pandas Are Gonna Get It On!It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Mae Lin and Qin: sparks fly!
  25. animanhattan
    Now Playing at Union Square Regal Cinema 14: Rats!Playing in the aisles.
  26. animanhattan
    Why Rats Heart New YorkIt’s not because the streets are paved with cheese.
  27. animanhattan
    Cuddly Porcupine to Be Pink-Slipped by Cuddle GuvIt’s a cute video to protest budget cuts to the zoos.
  28. animanhattan
    Despite Looming Zoo Cuts, Bears Have Job Security“We can’t fire our bears or furlough our sea lions.”
  29. animanhattan
    Another Reason Not to Swim in New York Harbor: LEVIATHANSTurns out there are tons of whales in and around the city’s waterways. And they’re making quite a racket.