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  1. animanhattan
    Bronx Zoo Cobra Still on the Loose, Now TweetingFor real, we think!
  2. party chat
    Brooke Astor’s Dachsunds Won’t Go Through the Doggy DoorIs this a surprise, really?
  3. animal crime
    Hamster Killer Walks Free!After all that.
  4. animal crime
    Hamster Deaths Rip Bushwick Family ApartThis would never happen in Carroll Gardens.
  5. things that freak us out
    More Signs of the Apocalypse: Seals Washing Up in Jersey, Anchovies Dying by the ThousandsWhat’s next, hundreds of rats crawling out of the subway tunnels?
  6. animals helping one another
    Alert: Adorable Old Dog Rescued by Dolphins. We Repeat: Dog. Rescued. By. Dolphins.Best story ever.
  7. puppies!!!!!!
    The Dogs and Humans of the Westminster Kennel Club ShowDo they look alike? Why yes, yes they do.
  8. puppies!!!!!!
    11-Year-Old Girl Almost Drowns Attempting to Save Maltipoo Puppy Named Ace VenturaThis story has a happy ending.
  9. terrorists of the sky
    Feathered Hussy Moves In on Pale MaleAnd Lola is nowhere to be found!
  10. opposite puppies!!!!!!
    Kitty Litter Lawsuit: ‘Cats Do Not Talk’Just for the record.
  11. aardvark puppies!!!!!!
    Meet Hoover, the Bronx Zoo’s New Baby AardvarkHe almost didn’t make it!
  12. tiger puppies!!!!!!
    Bronx Zoo Waits Entirely Too Long to Unveil Baby Tiger TripletsAt six months, they’re almost not even adorable anymore!
  13. animanhattan
    Snakes on a Plane ToiletHow did it get to a nineteenth-floor apartment?
  14. animanhattan
    The New Marriott-Owned Algonquin Hotel Will Keep at Least Part of Its Soul IntactThe feline part.
  15. terrorists of the b&b
    Benjamin the Capuchin Found at a Home for Wayward MonkeysBenjamin has a biting problem, which is sort of like saying Benjamin is a monkey.
  16. coyotes
    The ‘Westchester Coyote’ Had RabiesEek.
  17. coyotes
    Westchester Manages to Fight Off Rampaging CoyoteThis canine attack was out of the ordinary.
  18. animanhattan
    When Camping in Brooklyn, Don’t Expect Too Much From the FaunaIt is Brooklyn, after all.
  19. animanhattan
    Exotic-Pet Owners Take a Laissez-faire Approach to Their Wild AnimalsWhy would someone need accident insurance for a black bear?
  20. animanhattan
    Teeny Wiener Dogs Ruled Most Noisy in Entire CityElizabeth and Emily: bad dogs.
  21. animanhattan
    True Story: I Was Bitten by a Rabid RaccoonA reader shares her harrowing encounter with one of Central Park’s wild animals.
  22. animanhattan
    Over 100 Rabid Raccoons Discovered in Central Park This YearAnd it’s only July!
  23. animanhattan
    There Are Catios All Around YouDon’t know what that is? Oh, silly. It’s a cat patio.
  24. photo op
    Coyote in Long Island City!Someone should tell him the Madactive Collective won’t be spinning at Water Taxi Beach until tomorrow.
  25. animals in the sky
    Flying Dog Survives Five-Story FallIt’s going to take a lot more than a five-story fall to stop Alfie.
  26. why they hate us
    Humans Winning War on Geese!For NOW.
  27. animanhattan
    Make Way for Ducklings, the New York EditionA really adorable thing happened yesterday.
  28. animanhattan
    Adoption Rate Up, Kill Rate Down at City Animal SheltersIt’s because of the recession, of course.
  29. attacks
    Hungry Coyote Has a Poodle for DinnerThis isn’t going to be good for their image.
  30. animanhattan
    The Coyotes Will Be Back and They’ll Be Stronger Than EverThis fall would be a good time for a vacation.
  31. animanhattan
    Tribeca Coyote Caught!But it took four cop cars, two motorcycles, and a helicopter to do it.
  32. animanhattan
    Coyote Spotted Near Holland Tunnel EntranceAnd you thought they were coming in from Westchester.
  33. intel
    The Ballad of Uptown Gerry, City ChickenTwo writers, Elyssa East and Susan Orlean, tried to save it.
  34. animanhattan
    The Coyotes Have Invaded ChelseaThis is beginning to be troublesome.
  35. puppies!!!!!!
    New York’s Oldest Dog Dies at 20 (or 140)Paco Sosa is headed to that great dog run in the sky.
  36. why they hate us
    Bronx Man Looking for Home for Feral ChickensDo not let them into your home!
  37. animanhattan
    Coyotes Taking to City LifeAt first they felt out of place, but slowly, the coyotes are acclimating.
  38. why they hate us
    Wild Chickens Take Over Bronx HighwayThat’s right, wild chickens. And they roost in TREES.
  39. animanhattan
    What Do the Coyotes Want From Us?The third and fourth coyotes in as many weeks have turned up in upper Manhattan.
  40. animanhattan
    Coyote Poses for Photographer in Central ParkThis is the start of something big, we can feel it.
  41. animanhattan
    In Long Island, Beagles Are Like WerewolvesWild packs of abandon beagles are going crazy in east Long Island.
  42. animanhattan
    Rogue Egg Thrower Targetting Park Slope Dog WalkersWatch out!
  43. animanhattan
    Animals Continue to Take Over the CityRoosters, raccoons, swans, skunks and a baby goat!
  44. animanhattan
    Coyote Captured in Harlem Suspected of Mental InstabilityBut this coyote knew exactly what it was doing.
  45. cats
    Herding Cats Is Indeed DifficultEven in a one-bedroom apartment in East New York.
  46. animanhattan
    A Moose Attacked a Woman on the Lower East SideThat’s how we would tell the story, at least.
  47. do they know it’s christmastime at all
    In New York, Even Dogs Are Forced to Dress Up and Go to BenefitsA few poor dogs were forced into humiliating garb at ‘Animal Fair’ magazine’s annual Toy Drive for Homeless Animals last week. We laugh at them.
  48. animanhattan
    A Beaver Peed in This Lady’s EyeOn national television.
  49. animanhattan
    What Is the Most Disturbing Thing About This Picture of a Rat Stuck in a Sidewalk Crack?We can’t decide.
  50. animanhattan
    Mouse-Spotting Grounds Flight at JFKEeeeeeee!
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