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  1. animies
    Armadillos Are Being Jerks Right NowThey are giving everyone leprosy.
  2. animies
    Scientists Continue to Facilitate Our Animal EnemiesWhy are we giving video cameras to the chimps?
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    Rabid Raccoons Invade Central ParkWatch your ankles.
  4. animies
    Connecticut Won’t Press Charges Against Chimp OwnerSandra Herold, the Connecticut woman whose pet chimpanzee, Travis, attacked her friend, is off the hook in at least one respect.
  5. animies
    That Crazy Chimp Was on Drugs After AllXanax, to be precise. Guess it didn’t work.
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    Family Wants Paterson to Save Its Diabolical Killer FishSeriously, the days of underestimating animals are over, folks.