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Anna Chapman

  1. spy games
    To Edward Snowden, From Russia With LoveAnna Chapman chimes in.
  2. international intrigue
    Did Anna Chapman Try to Seduce an Obama Official? [Updated]Woah!
  3. spies like us
    Anna Chapman Is Still Living the High LifeThe sexy Russian spy has turned NYC tabloid fame into a career.
  4. anna chapman
    Anna Chapman Ruins It for Miracle KidThe Russian super-spy now debunks adorable myths!
  5. the spy who shagged america
    Sexy Spy Anna Chapman Presented With Herring on Russian TVNo wonder she misses New York.
  6. the way we’re famous now
    Anna Chapman Dishes On Dudes in Russian Maxim“Seduction is the same everywhere.”
  7. anna chapman
    Anna Chapman to World: ‘I Have Just Arrived’How does the hot Russian spy spend her days now?
  8. sexiness
    How Sexy Is Accused Russian Hacker Kristina Svechinskaya?Sexy enough to usurp Anna Chapman?
  9. spies like us
    Anna Chapman May Have Mastered Hypnotic Mind ControlWhich she used to have sex with a lot of guys.
  10. the spy who came in from the cold
    Russian Received in Spy Swap Not Sexy, Not a SpySo, why did we trade for this guy again?
  11. spies like us
    The Sexy Items Seized From Anna Chapman’s Sexy ApartmentSexy bank statements, sexy calculators …
  12. spies like us
    Anna Chapman Is Being Sexy Again!Her mug shot is “seductive” and “glamorous.”
  13. russian spies they’re just like us
    Anna Chapman Meets With Vladimir Putin, Sings to Live Music“We talked about life. We sang.”
  14. gossipmonger
    Gwyneth Paltrow Is Bringing Kabbalah to the HamptonsThe religion has helped the Oscar winner survive “trying personal times.”
  15. anna chapman
    Anna Chapman: ‘It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times’The spy speaks.
  16. the spies among us
    Will Anna Chapman Get to Tell Her Story?Plea-bargain provision stands in her way.
  17. spy swap
    Russian Spies’ Homes Might Go Up for AuctionAlong with all the crap they left here.
  18. so joetorious
    Biden: Keep the Sexy Spy, Trade Rush LimbaughHe’s joking! Guys, c’mon.
  19. spies like us
    Anna Chapman Loses Her ShiksappealShe doesn’t seem too fond of the Jews.
  20. spies like us
    Russian Spy Gang Pleads Guilty Ahead of Swap - UpdateThen comes the Spy Swap!
  21. the spy guys
    Paul Browne Might’ve Been Turned by the Russians, If They’d Had Hotter Girls“Sadly, I was the only cute redhead in the mix,” New York’s deputy police commissioner recalls.
  22. the spies among us
    Thousands of Russian Spies Could Still Be Among UsLook closely at your neighbors. Look what they did with the hydrangeas.
  23. it could happen to you
    Local Actress Finally Catches a BreakOne day you say you’ve given up on your acting career. Then a Russian spy ring gets busted…