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Anna Wintour’s Lips

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    Anna Wintour’s Lips, Still Plump and JuicyWe’re so glad that “Page Six” ran an item today about Anna Wintour’s lips, because it allows us to run one of our favorite photo comparisons that we’ve ever done: La Anna before and during Milan Fashion Week this fall. It was during this most recent fashion-show season that fashionistas began sniping to us that there was something different about the iconic Vogue editor. Even though we still can’t really tell if anything’s changed, there’s something about her exposed face that’s just mesmerizing, huh? Anyway, if “Page Six” says there’s a story, it must be so. (You know, it’s polite to laugh when people make a joke…) Of course, today the Post also picked up on our October item about Gordon Brown and Bob Shrum, but those pictures aren’t nearly as fun to look at. Airbrush Anna [NYP] Earlier: Anna Wintour Has Lips Flapping in Milan Bob Shrum Be-Labours Politics Once Again
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    Anna Wintour Has Lips Flapping in Milan So we’ve been hearing from sources at Milan Fashion Week that something looks a little bit off with Vogue editor Anna Wintour these days. Specifically, they say there’s something drastically different about her mouth region (and no, it’s not that she’s smiling, you crazy comedians). We’re not sure we’re convinced by the photo evidence, but they’re the aesthetic experts. Anyway, isn’t it weird to look at her face without sunglasses? It’s like she’s naked! Earlier: Daily Intel’s coverage of Anna Wintour (and her burning love for Roger Federer).