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  1. conspiracy theories
    Sharks Are Back. Suspicious!It must be nearly 9/11 o’clock, because sharks are back in the news.
  2. international intrigue
    D-Day Anniversary: The Most Intense CelebrationsAround the world, 70 years after Normandy.
  3. miracle on the hudson
    Sully Toasts to Life on Miracle AnniversaryThe pilot and some of his survivors took a ferry cruise on the river.
  4. anniversaries
    Kennedy’s Killer Switches PrisonsCoincidence or conspiracy?
  5. fi-cri retrospective
    Yes, Wall Street Has Changed Since Lehman Went BustThe fi-cri cynics are ignoring reality.
  6. gabrielle giffords
    Gabrielle Giffords Leads Pledge for Tucson Victims on One-Year AnniversaryShe recited the pledge with a strong voice and positive demeanor.
  7. in the magazine
    ‘Hairspray’ Turns Five Hairspray — by which we mean the Broadway musical, which was inspired the Divine movie of the same name and in turn inspired the John Travolta movie of the same name — opened five years ago last night, and it’s still going strong. (Stunt casting helps, sure — hello, Lance Bass! — but selling 101 percent of capacity, as it did last week, ain’t bad.) A month before it opened, Susan Dominus previewed the show and essentially predicted a smash. “Everybody thought it was going to be the New York Times that would make it a hit,” recalls Richard Kornberg, the veteran theater publicist who reps the show. “But when the New York Magazine put out this piece, that is the one article that put it through the top and sold Hairspray.” To mark the anniversary, here’s “Hairspray It On,” from the July 22, 2002, issue of New York. Hairspray It On [NYM]