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    Introducing Subscriber-Only NewslettersThree brand-new newsletters plus a selection of our existing ones will be available exclusively to New York’s most valued readers.
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    Sign Up for The City DeskA weekly newsletter about New York.
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    Introducing Reread: Real Estate Mania, a New Newsletter MiniseriesClassic stories of the next hot neighborhood, the renovation that seemingly never ends, and the living situation that’s really too good to be true.
  4. on with kara swisher
    Kara Swisher Is Launching a New Podcast With New YorkOn With Kara Swisher will get to the heart of what makes powerful people tick … by asking the questions that make them squirm.
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    Introducing Court Appearances: Twitter v. MuskThe richest man in the world is headed to trial, and we’ll be there to cover it.
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    Sign Up for The Critics, a Weekly Culture NewsletterThe week in reviews.
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    Introducing &c., a Newsletter by Jonathan ChaitIrregular musings from the center-left.
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    Sign Up for Court AppearancesA new newsletter covering the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, by New York’s Choire Sicha.
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    How to Make Tech Keynotes Exciting AgainHardware announcements matter less in a software-powered world.
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    Watch the 2018 Midterms With Intelligencer.comBlue wave, red tsunami, or something in between, join the team at the just-relaunched Intelligencer.com for up-to-the-minute election coverage.
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    You Can Now Read New York on Apple NewsThe new app launches today with the release of iOS 9.
  12. internal memos
    Everything You Need to Know About Why NYMag.com Was DownPlus the funniest tweets about our website outage!
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    New York Magazine Will Publish Biweekly in 2014Changes.
  14. 8 Reasons to Love — Or at Least Be Patient With — Nymag.com’s New HomepageA guide to our new face. 
  15. stand clear of the closing doors
    Majority of Subway Announcements Clear, AccurateStand clear of the unruly passengers.
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    U.S. Open Victory Speech Interrupted by Important Message From Squawking DudeThree squawks and out.
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    January 27 Will Be a Big DayAn Apple announcement and the SOTU on the same day!
  18. fox news
    Mysterious Shepard Smith Video Says ‘Something Crazy’ Is Happening TodayInsert Glenn Beck joke here.
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    Happy President’s Day!Intel is off for the day.
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    Daily Intel Now Available for Your Mobile PleasureAddicted to our blather? Lovely! We’ve been dying to play enabler.
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    ‘New York Look’ on Newsstands, En VogueListen up, everybody, we have an administrative announcement. (This is a little like that fire-safety director who randomly comes over the loudspeakers in your building to interrupt your day — except it’s a fashion alert, so you should listen this time.) The fashion department at New York has been doing a little work on the side lately, and the result is a brand-spanking-new magazine, New York Look. If our Fashion Week coverage at nymag.com is practically live, intended to convey the excitement of the shows as they happen, then Look is the fully digested, carefully thought-through, and gorgeously photographed follow-up — the distilled essence, we hope, of everything that happened this spring season in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. An online version of Look will appear in the coming weeks, but we venture to say that you really should pick up the print version on a newsstand today, because it’s rather beautiful. On the cover and at the heart of the magazine are over 40 superb images by Magnum photographer Paolo Pellegrin, who shot backstage at every major show around the world — that’s his photo of Agyness Deyn at Missoni in Milan above this text (her skin is even more loathsomely flawless in print, trust us). We’ll have an expanded edit of Paolo’s work online soon, but these pictures do demand to be seen at large sizes on glossy paper. On top of that, our editors break down the essential spring trends for both men and women via a voluminous series of runway shots. There’s Amy Larocca on Marc Jacobs. Vanessa Grigoriadis on Roberto Cavalli. The Fug Girls on Anna Wintour and Roger Federer. Plus party coverage, model reports and … okay, we’ll shut up now. Look costs $5.99 on newsstands, and it’s available in New York at most Barnes & Noble stores, Whole Foods, Eastern News, Hudson News, Universal News, and too many smaller outlets to list here (out of town, Barnes & Noble in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, Seattle and Atlanta has it). Or you can order it online at nymag.com/look (where it costs, um, more … the cost of shipping is crazy!). Check it out. Really.
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    Every Day’s the Fourth of July We’re off tomorrow, as we suspect you are, too. Macy’s says the big show starts at 9 p.m., with “120,000 burst of color” shot from four barges in the East River, three between 23rd and 42nd Streets and one south of the Brooklyn Bridge. We’ll be watching from Brooklyn Heights; if all else fails, there’s always the NBC broadcast. See you Thursday, ideally sunburned and hung-over.
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    Introducing ‘New York Look’ (and an Apology)We’re introducing a new magazine! As you may have read in Women’s Wear Daily this morning, the biannual New York Look will launch in November; it’ll take nymag.com’s coverage of the New York and European fashion shows and reverse-engineer all that online analysis, trend-spotting, and photography into a real-life mag you can have and own and hold. One thing about that photography, though: It won’t include the David Sims shot on the cover of the prototype, which appeared in WWD today. That was our mistake: That mockup was made for internal tests, and we hadn’t obtained the rights to publish the photo because we didn’t intend to publish it at all. Wires were crossed, internal prototypes were provided to Women’s Wear, and the fashion trade published Sims’s photo as our cover. In other words, we screwed up. And we deeply apologize to Sims. And now you’ll just have to wait till November to see what the thing really looks like. Memo Pad [WWD]
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    Introducing VultureThere are innumerable places to find cultural coverage online, but there are very few, if we may be so bold, that do it right. This is why we’re so proud this morning to welcome our newest bloggy brother in New York’s brood: Vulture, your daily source for arts and entertainment news. Vulture soars both high and low; it’s perhaps the only site offering critical analysis of the latest fake memoir, an MP3 of the hottest indie-rock single, breaking news when your favorite performance artist straps a dog to his head, and YouTube videos of Joey Lawrence break dancing all in one spot. And it’s all presented with the magazine’s trademark smart and informed perspective on all the city’s cultural offerings. It’s written by Melissa Maerz, a former editor at Spin, and Dan Kois, a former literary agent and a film executive, and they’re waiting for you at nymag.com/vulture.
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    Introducing GONYC, Which We Proclaim the Best Thing Ever So nymag.com is launching this new service, and, although we know it’s our job to say so, we’d say it anyway: It’s pretty amazingly cool. It’s called GONYC, and it lets you access the listings info we’ve got on the site from the comfort and privacy of your cell phone. How’s that? It’s a text-back service. Send a text message to GONYC — that’s 46692, for those of you more numerically inclined — saying, for example, “name planet rose” (we never remember if it’s on First or A), and it nearly immediately returns the bar’s location, phone number, and whether it’s a Critic’s Pick. (Avenue A, as it turns out.) You can look up a restaurant or bar by name (type “name” then the name: “name wxou”), bars by location (type “bar” then a Zip Code, borough, or neighborhood), or restaurants by cuisine and location (“food” then cuisine then neighborhood: “food chinese west village”). We’ve been playing with it all morning, and we’re loving it. It’s explained with pretty pictures at nymag.com/mobile. Go.
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    Christmas Vacation! Yay! That’s about all, folks. And we’ve got some sad news for you: Daily Intel is going on vacation. We won’t be posting next week, but we’ll be back bright and early on Tuesday morning, January 2. Thanks for reading these last three months, happy and merry and all of that, and we’ll see you in 2007.
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    Welcome to Daily IntelligencerSince January 1973, the Intelligencer section has been New York’s weekly home for news, gossip, short takes, and pithy commentary. Starting now, the Daily Intelligencer is nymag.com’s home for that same cocktail of the serious and the frivolous — but blended much more quickly. Daily Intel will filter the stories of the day through New York’s unique sensibility, all day long, every day of the week. Serious looks at city news will jostle for space with comic riffs on what’s going on around town. Party reports will bump up against Atlantic Yards updates. Think of it as a stream of collective unconsciousness from inside the communal New York brain. Daily Intel is edited by Chris Rovzar and Jessica Pressler, with regular contributions from New York Magazine’s writers and reporters. Chris most recently was a staff writer at the Daily News, where he also cut his chops reporting for Rush & Molloy’s daily gossip column. Jessica comes to us from Philadelphia, where she was a staff writer for Philadelphia magazine and occasionally wrote for the Styles pages of the New York Times. You can reach Chris and Jessica at intel@nymag.com.