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Annoying Things

  1. ban men
    Bill O’Reilly Sent His Smug, Unfunny Goon to Bother FeministsThank God for The Daily Show.
  2. crimes and misdemeanors
    Annoying Someone Is No Longer a Felony in New YorkThe state’s high court called a harassment statute “unconstitutionally vague and overbroad.”
  3. annoying things
    A Cruise Ship Got Stuck in the Hudson RiverNot the best way to end a vacation.
  4. annoying things
    Computer Problems Screwed Up a Bunch of United Airlines Flights TodayThe system is back now, but people are not pleased.
  5. annoying things
    Improv Everywhere Officially Out of IdeasTheir latest stunt: setting off 100 car alarms at once.
  6. neighborhood news
    Greenpoint’s Manhattan Avenue Is BeepingWill someone please make it stop?
  7. lady things
    Science: Successful Women Are Doomed to UnhappinessThanks, science.
  8. math
    Government Spent Billions to Update the Résumés of Thousands of PeopleThe federal government has allocated $4.3 billion for training programs that a freakishly small amount of people are enrolled in.
  9. annoying things
    Former Finance Professionals Stunned to Find There Are Jobs That Don’t Require Them to Be JerksWell, unless they want to be.
  10. liberal farts
    Generation Smug“There’s a generational shift toward increasing interest and concern into how to help make the world a better place,” says one college president. Really.
  11. neighborhood watch
    Things We Hate: Those ‘New York’ Subway AdsGreat. Now where can I see more of those annoying placards?
  12. crazytown
    Midtown Twentysomething Thinks NYC Is O-V-E-RSometimes the ‘Times’ gives us such a headache.