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    Pepper-Spray Cop Is Tired of Answering QuestionsHe gave up ten vacation days, what else do you want?
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    The NYPD’s Most Infamous Pepper-Sprayer Will Not Face Criminal Charges Nor will another cop accused of sucker-punching an Occupy protester.
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    Pepper-Spray Attack Led to an Occupy Wall Street BabySex! Love! Lawsuit!
  4. lawsuits
    Pepper-Spray Cop Sued for Lesser Offense TooAnthony Bologna has been hit with another lawsuit.
  5. occupy wall street
    Pepper-Spray Cop Anthony Bologna Fighting NYPD for Legal FeesThe department has opted not to defend him.
  6. occupy wall street
    Anthony Bologna’s Pepper-Spray Victims Are Suing NYCThe viral video of police violence that kick-started Occupy Wall Street has resulted in a lawsuit.
  7. occupy wall street
    Pepper-Spray Cop Anthony Bologna Has Been Banished Reassigned to Staten IslandIt’s the harshest punishment ever doled out in NYPD history.
  8. occupy wall street
    NYPD’s Anthony Bologna Claims Pepper Spray Was Meant for Three Men on the GroundHe’s “tortured” by the events.
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    NYPD Officer Anthony Bologna Will Lose Some Vacation TimePepper spray is a privilege, not a right.
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    Pepper-Sprayed Protester Pursuing Charges Against CopOccupy Wall Street woman goes after officer.
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    Paparazzi Take Over Greenwich VillageBlame Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux, and bologna.
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    NYPD Pepper-Sprayer Hit Fellow Officer With Friendly Fire, Has Prior Protest ComplaintThe police department say the pepper spray was “used sparingly.”