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Anthony Levandowski

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    Ex-Uber Employee Anthony Levandowski Charged With 33 Counts of TheftSilicon Valley’s most prominent self-driving car expert allegedly downloaded more than 14,000 files from Google shortly before quitting.
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    Anthony Levandowski Thinks His AI Church Worshippers Will Need Their Own CountryThe ex–Uber engineer believes technology is something that should be worshipped.
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    Uber Fires Engineer Who Allegedly Stole Trade Secrets From GoogleGoogle’s self-driving-car company, Waymo, is currently suing Uber over Levandowski’s actions.
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    Uber Threatens to Fire Engineer Embroiled in Google LawsuitAnthony Levandowski allegedly stole trade secrets from Google and gave them to Uber.
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    Uber’s Head of Self-Driving Cars Steps Aside As Lawsuit Heats UpAnthony Levandowski allegedly stole documents and data from Google, which he would later bring to Uber.