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  1. the racie for gracie
    The New York Times’ Most Telling Mayoral Candidate AnecdotesDe Blasio’s campaign signs, Quinn’s F-words, and Weiner’s tossed salad.
  2. weinergate forever
    Anthony Weiner Had a Little Car AccidentBad weekend.
  3. weinergate forever
    Weiner’s Questionable Relationship With a Younger StafferDolev Azaria sent a cease-and-desist letter to the Observer over the story.
  4. the racie for gracie
    Anthony Weiner Has the Support of His Mom’s Friends“They know him.”
  5. fading icons
    Even Sydney Leathers Is Bored at This Point She spent her strip-club appearance texting.
  6. weinergate forever
    Watch a Trailer for Anthony Weiner’s Would-Be Reality ShowHe’s reportedly being followed around by an MTV producer.
  7. the racie for gracie
    Clinton Staffer Can’t Hide Disdain for Weiner After 2016 ‘Joke’“We have absolutely no clue what he was talking about.”
  8. the racie for gracie
    A Captivating GIF of Anthony Weiner’s Pulsating JawFrom tonight’s debate. 
  9. the racie for gracie
    Anthony Weiner Is More Awkward Than a MillennialThe sexting candidate sat down for a BuzzFeed interview.
  10. Stop-and-Frisk: Mayoral Race Just Got SeriousThe race just got real.
  11. photo quiz
    Photo Quiz: Why Is Anthony Weiner Making This Face?It’s a weird face!
  12. early and awkward
    Not All New Yorkers Are ShamelessA majority of New Yorkers are embarrassed by Weiner and Spitzer.
  13. the racie for gracie
    New Ad Pits Weiner Against ‘Powerful Voices’Belonging to whom?
  14. weinergate
    Weiner’s New Scandal Leaves Something to Be DesiredNot penis puns.
  15. the racie for gracie
    Weiner Trails in Polls, Leads in Surliness [Updated]He mocked a reporter’s accent, told another to “get a hobby.”
  16. the racie for gracie
    Anthony Weiner Forced to Defend ‘Grandpa’ ComebackHe can’t catch a break.
  17. the racie for gracie
    Anthony Weiner and Alleged Mayoral Candidate George McDonald Went at It TodayWeiner called him “grandpa.”
  18. truth bombing
    Truth-Bombing Bill Clinton’s First Remarks on the Weiner CampaignOne hundred miles from the campaign?
  19. weinergate forever
    Weiner: Won’t Somebody Think of the Children?Some parents gave their kids a crash course in heckling today.
  20. the racie for gracie
    Anthony Weiner Proposes a Chicken in Every Pot and a Camera on Every CopWeiner makes a bold proposal. 
  21. the racie for gracie
    The 10 Funniest Mayoral Candidates, In OrderGuess which one refused to tell a joke?
  22. the racie for gracie
    Man Makes Absolute Worst Argument for Voting for Anthony Weiner“Christine Quinn Hates Straight Men.”
  23. the racie for gracie
    Weiner Isn’t Interested in Winning the Occupy VoteBut he might get it anyway.
  24. media
    Frank Bruni and the ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Thong’What the … ?
  25. weinergate forever
    Anthony Weiner Brought the People of New York Into His Sexy Chats According to another interview with Sydney Leathers.
  26. the racie for gracie
    Anthony Weiner Is Not Hanging On to Any Sexting SouvenirsHe’s “100 percent” done now and deleted all records.
  27. weinergate forever
    Anthony Weiner Sends Incriminating MessagesDifferent guy, same curse.
  28. the racie for gracie
    McDonald Scores No Points Calling Weiner a ‘Self-Pleasuring Freak’And Weiner wins a round.
  29. weinergate forever
    Clinton Team Quietly Helps Weiner Campaign They still hate Anthony, but won’t abandon Huma.
  30. politics
    Weiner Alienates Hipster Demographic TooHe’s not into the new Rockaways.
  31. the racie for gracie
    Jimmy McMillan Is Endorsing Anthony WeinerBecause “we are animals, and in the human life, these animal things happens.”
  32. weinergate forever
    Weiner Brother Did Not Contact ‘Candy Weathers’Jason Weiner clarifies his role in the scandal.
  33. the racie for gracie
    Anthony Weiner Does Not Want to Talk About Carlos Danger“It was a joke in my personal life between me and one person.”
  34. the racie for gracie
    Barbara Morgan Must Know When She’s on the Record by NowShe’s been here before.
  35. the racie for gracie
    Barbara Morgan Made a Funny JokeWeiner’s spokesperson filled a “swear jar.”
  36. the racie for gracie
    A Glimpse of Anthony Weiner’s Spokesperson, Barbara Morgan, in ActionYou may know her as the “slutbag” lady. 
  37. weinergate forever
    Weiner Stopped Sexting a Year Ago, He SaysThe candidate wasn’t as slippery as it seemed.
  38. the racie for gracie
    Maybe Huma Could Use a VacationShe’s taking some time off from Hillary.
  39. meltdowns
    Weiner Spokeswoman Calls Former Intern a ‘Slutbag’ in Epic Rant [Updated]This campaign is going great!
  40. the racie for gracie
    Anthony Weiner Releases Direct-to-Camera AdWatch it. 
  41. the racie for gracie
    The Best Story About Anthony Weiner EverInterns are involved. 
  42. weinergate forever
    Weiner’s Somewhat Vague on His Current Sexting HabitsHe brings up “quibbling about beginnings, middles and ends,” for some reason.
  43. Weiner’s New York Times Profiler Missed the Key Question“When did you stop having cyber sex with strangers?”
  44. early and awkward
    Eliot Spitzer Will Not Vote for Anthony WeinerHe’s distancing himself.
  45. New Poll Turns the Mayoral Race Upside Down“Mayor De Blasio” still sounds weird.
  46. weinergate forever
    Anthony Weiner Dodges Parenting Question With Epic PanderingFather of the year.
  47. things that exist
    Sydney Leathers Did a Bikini Photo ShootWe have no answers. 
  48. assholes
    Maureen Dowd and Rush Limbaugh Explain Why Abedin Supports WeinerBecause of Saudi Arabia?
  49. weinergate forever
    Weiner Campaign Paid Private Investigator $45,000 to Find His ‘Twitter Hacker’Hint: It was Weiner.
  50. the racie for gracie
    Do the Clintons Want Anthony Weiner to Quit the Mayoral Race?Entirely possible.
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