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    Breyer’s Retirement Indecision Means Democrats Really Need to Hold the SenateMaybe Breyer will step down next year, but if he doesn’t and Republicans take back the Senate, Mitch McConnell may not let Biden name a successor.
  2. supreme court
    Trump’s Justices Show How They Might Help Him in Contested ElectionGorsuch defends Republican state legislatures’ power over election disputes. Kavanaugh echoes Trump’s attacks on mail-in ballots. Be very afraid.
  3. legacy
    Honoring Her WishIn conversation with Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s granddaughter, ACLU fellow Clara Spera.
  4. supreme court
    Amy Coney Barrett Is Even More Extreme Than Antonin ScaliaEven if her confirmation is a done deal, Barrett’s record should be laid bare in the Senate hearings so Americans understand what’s at stake.
  5. supreme court
    Gorsuch Gives SCOTUS Liberals a Win in Two Criminal-Law CasesHis application of Scalia’s strict principles of statutory interpretation, and perhaps a libertarian streak, distinguish Gorsuch from Kavanaugh.
  6. supreme court
    Despite Merrick Garland, Trump Would Certainly Fill a 2020 Supreme Court VacancyThough the GOP refused to fill the last election-year opening, Trump says he’d appoint a justice even if he only had three days left in his term.
  7. kavanaugh watch
    Is Justice Kavanaugh As Bad As Democrats Feared?Conservatives’ salvation? Cautious operator? Here’s what we’ve learned so far about the impact Kavanaugh will have on the law, and Americans’ lives.
  8. okay
    Trump Praises Dead Supreme Court Justice for Having a Ton of SexWhile honoring him at the Medal of Freedom ceremony.
  9. Supreme Court Topples Precedent to Hobble Public UnionsIn a major blow to labor, public-sector unions will have to represent nonmembers without compensation.
  10. supreme court
    How Neil Gorsuch Became the Second-Most-Polarizing Man in WashingtonSo much for the hope that he might be a mild-mannered, semi-moderate justice.
  11. Gorsuch Sides With Court Liberals — But Follows Scalia — in Deportation CaseIf someone can explain to Trump that his pet SCOTUS Justice was just following Scalia, he may remain calm about a decision stopping deportations.
  12. Denying Merrick Garland a Hearing Biggest Accomplishment of McConnell’s CareerMcConnell knows conservatives will forgive him — and Trump — almost anything in exchange for Supreme Court appointments.
  13. Labor Movement’s Worst Nightmare Heads Back to the Supreme CourtPublic-sector unions dodged a bullet last year when SCOTUS deadlocked on suit denying them fees for collective bargaining. But the threat is back.
  14. Senate Confirms GorsuchBig questions now include Gorsuch’s impact on the Court, the fight’s impact on the Senate, and the possibility Trump will get to fill another vacancy.
  15. Democrats Have the Votes for a Filibuster of GorsuchIn response, the GOP seems ready to go nuclear.
  16. Jeff Sessions Calls for an End to Sanctuary CitiesBut he may be all talk, no action.
  17. There Was a Lot of Happy Talk on Day One of Neil Gorsuch’s Confirmation HearingsBut that’s about to end.
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    How Danny DeVito Accidentally Created the Defining Meme of the Trump PresidencyDanny DeVito, never retire b*tch.
  19. Trump Plans Reality-TV-Style SCOTUS Pick, While Democrats Promise FilibusterGet ready for some prime-time drama.
  20. Trump’s SCOTUS Pick Is Due Next Week, With 3 Conservatives Still in the RunningThe GOP awaits Trump’s choice from a pre-vetted list.
  21. Why the GOP Is More Protective of the First Amendment Than They Used to BeThreats to jail flag-burners were standard for conservatives a generation ago. Today Trump is more of an outlier.
  22. Antonin Scalia Might Have Saved Sanctuary CitiesHis ruling in a 1997 gun-control case could prevent Trump from punishing cities that refuse to cooperate with mass deportation.
  23. SCOTUS Is Back in Session But Still DeadlockedThe Court has already rejected several big cases thanks to its 4-4 ideological deadlock. Expect more of that until a ninth justice is confirmed.
  24. Antonin Scalia School Renamed Due to AcronymIf it weren’t for Twitter, the ASSoL at George Mason University would have been a beautiful reality.
  25. Scalia-less SCOTUS Gives Surprise Reprieve to Public-Sector UnionsAn anticipated 5-4 decision that would have gutted union membership rolls did not happen. 
  26. Trump Campaign Manager Bruises Breitbart WriterAfter Corey Lewandowski bruised a Breitbart reporter, the pro-Trump site may have helped him escape a difficult interview.
  27. Justice Clarence Thomas Asks His First Question in 10 YearsTwo weeks after Antonin Scalia fell silent, Thomas makes himself heard.
  28. Sandoval Declines Supreme Court ConsiderationThat was fast.
  29. the supremes
    Justice Scalia Died While Vacationing With a Secret Society of Elite HuntersWho keeps gerrymandered districts on the maps? Who keeps the liberals under wraps? We do, we do!
  30. the supremes
    Latest Conspiracy Theory: Poor Health Killed Justice ScaliaNew details about his various ailments have emerged.
  31. antonin scalia
    Law Students ‘Traumatized’ by Anti-Scalia Email“All we can do, really, is convey our solidarity with our wonderful students. We share your pain. We share your anger. We stand with you. You are not alone. Be strong as Justice Scalia was strong.”
  32. the national interest
    Will the Supreme Court Just Disappear?Its power is derived from custom and deference. How old-fashioned.
  33. Supreme Court Opening Creates ‘Battle of a Different Order’Ideological and partisan polarization plus availability of the filibuster could mean an epic Court fight that could go on well past the elections. 
  34. Was Scalia’s West Texas Vacation Morally SuspectCoincidence?
  35. the national circus
    Scalia’s Death and the Republican Party of Strict Obstructionism The lovers of the Constitution now want to block any Supreme Court nominee President Obama puts forward. 
  36. memorials
    Scalia Will Lie in Repose in the Supreme Court’s Great HallThis Friday. 
  37. the supremes
    The Battle for the Supreme Court Is About to Go MainstreamScalia’s death means the shape of the Court will be a campaign issue for the first time.
  38. the supremes
    Judge Discloses Scalia’s Health ProblemsHe had heart problems and high blood pressure, but the way his death was investigated was still odd.
  39. deaths
    Exact Cause of Scalia’s Death Still Unclear His family didn’t want an autopsy performed.
  40. roundup
    How the Republican Plan to Replace Justice Scalia Could BackfireWhether they obstruct Obama’s nominee or not, there are a lot of ways for the GOP to lose this fight.
  41. the national interest
    How Scalia’s Death Will Change the Supreme Court, America, and the PlanetIn this era of activist judges, Scalia’s absence will reshape the Court whether the Senate confirms a replacement or not.
  42. antonin scalia
    Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Dead at 79The conservative legend, who apparently died in his sleep, had served on the Court since 1986.
  43. ‘Stay Mad Abby’: Black College Graduates Ridicule SCOTUS Affirmative-Action Case#StayMadAbby
  44. the supremes
    Antonin Scalia May Be Losing the Culture Wars, But He’s Winning the Zinger WarsThe more isolated he gets, the more extravagant his rhetoric becomes.
  45. the national interest
    Marriage Equality and the Modern Social RevolutionA period of cultural transformation as rapid and deep as anything since the 1960s.
  46. old people problems
    Scalia, Shockingly, Hates Hearing Rock Music in PublicStravinsky, too, though — any music, really.
  47. the supremes
    Scalia, Roberts Think Having Two Cell Phones Is Very Strange, SuspiciousThe Supreme Court continues its streak of not knowing much about technology.
  48. the supremes
    Justice Scalia Learned the Difference Between TV and HBO TodayDuring the Supreme Court arguments on Aereo, Scalia was informed about premium cable.
  49. Justice Scalia Refers to ‘the Blacks’Is that the correct term these days?
  50. the supremes
    Antonin Scalia Thinks Gay People Are an Invented Minority He’s still not into gay marriage.
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