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    iPhone App Store Will Require Loot-Box Purchases to Show OddsOne of the most popular ways to make money from mobile gamers is about to come under scrutiny.
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    iOS Rating-System Update Lets Developers Fight With Users in the CommentsYou’ll no longer be constantly asked to leave a review.
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    At Chinese Government’s Request, Apple Removes New York Times From App StoreApple won’t say why it removed the apps last month.
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    Apple Will Start Checking That Old Apps Still WorkThat one app from 2009 you still need might be in danger.
  5. Apple Is Changing the App StoreSoon, app developers will start hawking a lot more subscriptions.
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    Apple Approved an Escort-Service App for the iPhoneSugarSugar helps people find Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby relationships.
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    Apple’s New App Store Guidelines: Vague, Casual, and Somewhat Menacing“If you run to the press and trash us, it never helps.”