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    How Nervous Should You Be About Life Insurance That Tracks Your Health Habits?Would you share data about your health habits to save a few bucks on your insurance?
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    Thinking About Getting an Apple Watch? The Series 1 Is $70 Off Right NowThe Apple Watch is a fantastic piece of technology, and right now it’s 25 percent off.
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    Thinking About Getting an Apple Watch? The Series 2 Is on Sale Right NowIt’s even cheaper than the Series 1.
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    You Should Get an Apple WatchIf you don’t already own one, now’s the time to join Team Smartwatch.
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    Here’s What Reviewers Are Saying About the New Apple WatchRead this before you drop $400 on a new watch.
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    The New Apple Watch Can Make Calls Without an iPhoneThe Apple Watch 3 can connect to the internet on its own.
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    What to Expect From Apple’s iPhone Event TomorrowThree new iPhones, a whole lot of updates, and the faint sound of all of your money leaving your savings account.
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    The Red Sox Used an Apple Watch to Cheat at BaseballFinally, a use for the Apple Watch.
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    Apple’s New Nike Watch Will Harass You Into RunningAre we running today?!?!
  10. Apple May Have Finally Fixed the Worst Thing About the Apple WatchApps will now launch faster.
  11. Tim Cook: Apple Is Big and Strong. Our Phones and Watches Are Good.But of course he would say that.
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    Soon You Can Pay for Things With Your Swatch“Pay by the wrist.”
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    New Watch Comes With Extra Apple Watch SlotThe Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of watches — except both sides are awful.
  14. Man Shows Impressive Restraint, Only Buys His Dog Two Gold Apple WatchesFour would be too much, you know?
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    Nearly 1 Million Apple Watches Were Probably Purchased on FridayPink watchbands were the least popular.
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    Rich-Person Watch Only Available in Rich-Person NeighborhoodsGood luck getting an appointment.