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  1. If Trump Keeps Threatening Government Shutdown, Democrats Will Have Some OptionsNow that the president has put a government shutdown squarely on the table, Democrats must decide if they want a deal, or just a Trump defeat.
  2. Bannon on the Outside Could Be Even More DangerousWhile Bannon’s rivals in the administration will be happy to see him go, he could cause the White House immense problems as a free agent.
  3. Why Nuking the Filibuster Could Be Part of a Debt-Limit DealWith conservatives now threatening to take must-pass legislation hostage, they could get together with Trump and permanently end Democratic leverage.
  4. The Government Could Be Headed for a Showdown and a Shutdown Over Trump’s WallCongressional Democrats and Republicans can probably avoid a government shutdown or a debt default. But Trump’s border wall could be a deal-breaker.
  5. GOP Struggles to Secure a ‘Clean’ Debt-Limit IncreaseIn theory everybody in Congress favors a straightforward debt-limit increase. But side deals and other complications loom large.
  6. Jeff Sessions Wants to Go After Medical MarijuanaDespite a Trump pledge to respect state decisions, the attorney general wants to restart the War on Drugs.
  7. A Debt-Limit Crisis Could Arrive Sooner Rather Than LaterHard-line conservatives in Congress who are angry about deficits may find a way to take a debt-limit increase hostage.
  8. GOP Prepares to Make Case Poor People Must Sacrifice So Rich Can Get Tax CutsWhispers are emerging from Capitol Hill to that effect.
  9. Republicans Are Hunkering Down for a Long Legislative WinterThe party came into power promising a string of high-speed victories. Now, after a lot of screwups and delays, it’s mired down.
  10. Trump Calls for Government Shutdown in SeptemberOn Twitter, Trump says a government shutdown or elimination of the legislative filibuster might be a good thing when the next funding fight arrives.
  11. House Conservatives May Revolt Against Spending DealAfter the GOP got rolled in negotiations over a major spending bill, disappointment on the right may mean Democratic votes are necessary to pass it.
  12. Congress Temporarily Avoids Government Shutdown With Stopgap Funding DealThe federal government will be operational for at least one more week.
  13. Trump’s Obamacare Hostage-Taking Effort Is Backfiring NoisilyDemocrats turned the tables on Trump by making continuation of Obamacare insurer subsidies a must-pass item in must-pass spending legislation.
  14. Mulvaney Pushes ‘Sanctuary City’ Crackdown That May Lead to Government ShutdownTrump’s OMB director has tossed another inflammatory issue into the mix.
  15. Another Government Shutdown Crisis Seems to Be ApproachingBefore GOP can “move on” to tax reform, it must deal with the real risk of an internal revolt against the current budget.
  16. GOP’s Planned Parenthood Fight Could Result in a Government ShutdownIf no longer nestled in a giant health-care bill, the defunding of the women’s health organization could spark an appropriations fight.
  17. 4 Reasons Why the Trump Budget Cuts Won’t HappenMeals on Wheels, Big Bird, and AmeriCorps are likely to survive.
  18. Mick Mulvaney’s Job Will Be a NightmareWith no time to spare and no margin for error, the new OMB director must somehow give Congress guidance after resolving his differences with Trump.