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  1. apps
    The Beautiful Enigma of the Calamari ManA look at the break-out star of the DNC, night two.
  2. iowant to go to sleep
    More Security Isn’t Better SecurityThe Iowa caucuses were crippled by aggressive secrecy and overzealous security measures around their voting app.
  3. queries
    Why Apple Apps Regularly Outrank Competitors in SearchThe company says it is making changes so that its own products don’t bury competitors’.
  4. checking in
    You Might Not Be Checking In on Foursquare, But Foursquare Is Checking In on YouThe company has become a data-harvesting success story — and is still trying to figure out whether that’s “cool or creepy.”
  5. ipos
    Slack Is a Boring Company. That’s Why Its Stock Was Exciting.Maybe other tech companies can adopt its unorthodox strategy of “selling a service for money.”
  6. yell world
    Why Everyone Is Yelling at Their Phones for FunThanks to screen-recording features on iOS and social media platforms, the game you play by yelling at your phone has had a surprise resurgence.
  7. select all
    Did You Spend More Than the Average American on Apps Last Year?If it was under $80, you’re below average.
  8. augmented reality
    10 Cool Augmented-Reality Apps That You Might Actually UseGoogle Play and the App Store are awash with augmented-reality apps, and many of them are terrible. Here are ten that actually show AR’s potential.
  9. select all
    Bumble’s New Filtering Tool Seems Useful, If FlawedUsers can now select certain traits they want to see in potential matches; but things like being Jewish and looking for a third aren’t options.
  10. technology
    Tumblr Kicked Off App Store Over Child PornMeanwhile, NSFW artists on the platform say they are getting caught in the crossfire.
  11. technology
    An Augmented-Reality App Could Mean Guilt-Free Screen Time With Your KidsWonderscope creates a 3D storybook right in front of your eyes — and could help you feel better about letting your kids spend time with a screen.
  12. tech boot camp
    3 To-do Apps That Can Help Keep Your Life Organized and EfficientOne single to-do app is for chumps. He-man organizers use three.
  13. tech boot camp
    The Best Running App Around Doesn’t Cost a ThingWe tested four popular fitness apps — Strava, MapMyRun, Runkeeper, Nike+ Run Club — to find the best option around.
  14. keep it like a fatsecret
    This Is Hands Down the Best Calorie Counter App, Except for Its NameWhat’s in a name? Quite a bit, it turns out.
  15. select all
    The Innocuous Gray Box That Explains Facebook’s Data MessTucked away in the site’s settings, a few checkboxes explain everything.
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    MoviePass CEO Says App Tracks You After You Leave TheaterThe app’s privacy policy doesn’t disclose the reported data tracking.
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    Vero’s Terms and Conditions, ExplainedIt’s actually pretty standard.
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    This Animated Instagram Caption App Makes My Friends Ask, ‘How Did You Do That?’An easy hack for seeming like you’re much more Insta-savvy than you actually are.
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    How to Use That Google App to Find Out What Piece of Art You Look LikeBecause you always wanted to know if your face was more Baroque or impressionistic.
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    Playing Bar Trivia With HQ’s ScottWhat makes someone a “Quiz Daddy” as opposed to a mere game-show host?
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    For the Good of Society — and Traffic! — Delete Your Map AppCities and citizens alike are waging war against map apps.
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    Some Uber Drivers Are Using a Phony GPS App to Raise FaresSome riders have reportedly paid twice as much as they should have as a result.
  23. select all
    Man Develops App to Reveal What Women Look Like Without MakeupIf you’re looking to downgrade your selfie game, MakeApp is for you.
  24. select all
    10 Augmented-Reality Apps You Definitely Need on Your iPhoneThese apps will make you feel like you’re living in the future, I promise.
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    Planet of the Apps Has No Idea What It Wants to BeApple’s new reality show is very bad.
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    If Snapchat and Slack Had a Kid It Would Probably Look Like the New Skype UpdateThe “new generation of Skype” looks surprisingly similar to every other popular social-media app on the market.
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    Instagram Completes Transformation Into Snapchat by Introducing ‘Face Filters’A flower crown. How novel!
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    We Tested a Bunch of Fidget-Spinner Apps, So You Don’t Have ToNot all spinner apps are created equal.
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    Snapchat Is Killing Its Infamous Time LimitUsers can now send limitless snaps and looping videos.
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    Everyone Is Using This App to Make Creepy Smiling and Aged Photos of ThemselvesFaceApp lets you morph photos and selfies with slightly horrifying accuracy.
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    Every App Is the SameThey’re all just copying each other.
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    This App That Turns Your Face Into an Emoji Is Surprisingly GoodThe app is easy to use, and the finished products are too funny.
  33. The 24-Hour AI-Run Grocery Store That Beat Jeff Bezos to the PunchCreepy, yes. But convenient! 🎥
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    How to Use Meitu, the Chinese Photo App That Makes Even Donald Trump Look CuteBecause who doesn’t look good with giant eyes surrounded by softly glowing blossoms.
  35. 4 Ways to Make Spotify Sound BetterTake a few minutes to make sure you’re getting the best sound out of Spotify.
  36. select all
    Yahoo Answers: Nicer in App Form, But Still Gloriously InsaneThe Yahoo Answers Now app gives you all of the wonderful battiness of the website, without some of the darker stuff.
  37. Watch: This App Lets You Buy Leftovers From Restaurants With Extra FoodFood For All wants to make a difference.
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    These Are the Apps Kanye Has on His iPhone: An InvestigationA close reading.
  39. This App Helps Teens Find Lunch Buddies and Avoid BullyingIt was created by a 16-year-old.
  40. There’s Now an App That Summons a Professional Cuddler to Cure Your LonelinessBut wait until you hear what it costs.
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    The 5 Best Alternatives to SunriseThe best app for merging all your calendars is dead at the end of August. Here are five ways to cope.
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    College Gossip App You Forgot About Ditches AnonymityYik Yak is pivoting, but will it bring users back?
  43. Here’s Your Chance to Star in Apple’s First Reality TV ShowPlanet of the Apps is coming soon to an Apple device near you.
  44. The Other App Everyone’s Obsessed With This Week Is Prisma, an Arty Photo AppThe app uses filters inspired by famous works of art.
  45. Meet Your New Best Friend: An App That Will Find Your Car for YouJust take the guessing right out of it.
  46. This In-Ear Translator Could Let You to Talk to People Without Language BarriersIf this works, it could make foreign vacations a lot more fun.
  47. How to Get Off iCloud and Replace Apple’s AppsApple makes great phones, but its default apps can be frustrating. Here’s a comprehensive guide for replacement.
  48. Finally, a Device That Lets You Send the Smelly Text Messages You’ve Longed ForMmmmmm, sunscreen.
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    This Superbly Useless Bot Orders Food to a Random Place and then Ubers You ThereAlways be prepared with utensils.
  50. This Hilarious iPhone Game Lets You Become Donald Trump and Build a WallThis new iPhone game lets you build a giant wall as Donald Trump while making fun of all his catchphrases.
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