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Aquatic Puppies!!

  1. aquatic puppies!!
    Mitik the Walrus Is Moving to Texas for a WhileThe New York Aquarium’s orphan walrus will be gone until 2016.
  2. Dolphin Surviving Brooklyn Water, for NowMemo to dolphin: Get out of here!
  3. aquatic puppies!!
    Upon Closer Inspection, East River Dolphin Might Not Be Totally HealthyFeel free to start worrying.
  4. sad things
    Late Gowanus Dolphin Had Bigger Problems Than PollutionKidney stones and parasites.
  5. aquatic puppies!!
    Poor Dolphin Dies in Disgusting Gowanus Canal [Updated]Cute, but ew.
  6. aquatic puppies!!
    As You Can See, Mitik the Baby Walrus Is Doing Just FineHe’s especially cute when playing with his bucket toy. 
  7. aquatic puppies!!
    NYC to Swoon Over 234-Pound Baby With Mustache Named MitA walrus.
  8. animanhattan
    Rare New York City Dolphin Found DeadLet’s have a moment of silence.