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Arizona Cardinals

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    With Victories by Carolina and Denver, the NFL’s Conference Title Games Are SetIt’ll be Arizona versus Carolina, and New England versus Denver.
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    Cardinals Top Packers in Wild Overtime GameIt included a controversial coin toss.
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    Best Super Bowl Ever?Usually, all one hopes for from a Super Bowl is for it to provide one iconic image or moment. Last night’s game had three, at least.
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    Super Bowl XLIII: How Exactly the Game, and Much More, Will Go DownOur clearly infallible predictions for who will win, whether Warner will best Montana, and what songs Springsteen will play.
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    Leitch: How Tom Coughlin Was Wrong, and Right, About Kurt WarnerThe Super Bowl–bound quarterback has had one of the more bizarre careers in professional sports.
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    Leitch: The Troubles — and Triumphs — I Have Seen, Rooting for the UnderdogI always dreamed of the season where the pointless time-waster that was watching the Arizona Cardinals would pay off.