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Arizona Immigration Law

  1. politics
    Supreme Court to Rule on Arizona’s Immigration LawThe Court is now a major political player (again).
  2. crossing over
    Justice Department Could Sue Arizona As Early As TodayArizona shouldn’t be trying to do the federal government’s job.
  3. secretary of awesome
    Hillary Clinton Was Right About the Arizona LawAnother official confirms that the Justice Department will challenge Arizona’s immigration law.
  4. secretary of awesome
    Hillary Clinton Blows Up the Justice Department’s SpotShe says the Justice Department will sue Arizona. That’s news to the Justice Department!
  5. crossing over
    Chuck Schumer Is Writing Funny Letters to PeopleHe asks Arizona’s governor to try to delay the state’s immigration law for a year.
  6. crossing over
    New York Law Groups Not Thrilled About Arizona ConferenceIt’s an odd place for a discussion on pro bono representation for immigrants.
  7. copycats
    Oklahoma May Be Following Arizona’s LeadCivil-rights groups already up in arms.
  8. crossing over
    Arizona Immigration Law Is Making Life So Awkward for the GOPSome leaders are forced into a defensive, no-win tightrope walk.