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  1. power
    Crime of the CenturiesTomb raiders, crooked art dealers, and museum curators fed billionaire Michael Steinhardt’s addiction to antiquities. Many also happened to be stolen.
  2. climate change
    Throwing Soup at Paintings Won’t Save the ClimateTheatrical stunts can’t keep fossil fuels in the ground. Only cheap green energy can.
  3. screen time
    AI Art Is Here and the World Is Already DifferentWork, communication, and even thought change when we can instantly command convincing images into existence.
  4. encounter
    Beeple’s Post-NFT ChapterThe digital artist made a pile of money on NFTs before the crypto market crashed. Now he has his eyes on the art world.
  5. art
    How Agnieszka Pilat Became Silicon Valley’s Favorite Artist“It’s our obligation to have a relationship with machines so they grow up to be good citizens.”
  6. opioid crisis
    The Met Will Remove the Sackler Name From Its GalleriesThe move follows years of pressure from activists, who said the museum was legitimizing the family despite its role in the opioid crisis.
  7. masterpieces
    The Best Pro-Trump Propaganda Painter Has Again Outdone HimselfBehold, the 45th president leading Abraham Lincoln and JFK into battle.
  8. art
    Whatever Happened to Those Monoliths?What was all the rage in 2020 feels a little played out now. Maybe try a new shape?
  9. close looks
    Posted Live From the InfernoJerry Saltz on the pictures from the Capitol—some of the scariest, stupidest ever taken.
  10. monoculture
    The Monoliths Are Stupid and I Hate ThemWhy does it feel like someone is trying to sell me something?
  11. political art
    Behold Governor Cuomo’s Pandemic Mountain Poster, for Some ReasonThe governor has made another overstuffed, antique-style poster to celebrate himself — this time regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.
  12. psa
    A Times Square Tribute to All of UsTwo dozen artists say thank-you.
  13. art
    A Few Suggestions for Andrew Cuomo’s Next PosterThe poster to commemorate his State of the State address is a good first draft, but it could use some improvements.
  14. cityscape
    The New MoMA Tries to Get Out of Its Own Way. We’ll See If It Can.An attempt to manage the crush of visitors that’s made the museum hard to love.
  15. deflation fetish
    A Brief Chat With Jan Hakon Erichsen, the Twitter Balloon GuyKnives, balloons, and plywood make a surreal and absurd viral video.
  16. memewatch 2020
    Let’s Look At NBC Politics’s Terrible Illustration of Joe BidenSigns point to this being Joe Biden. Other signs point to it not being Joe Biden.
  17. art market
    How a $1,000 Art-Auction Bet Turned Into a $450 Million ‘Da Vinci’The invention of the Salvator Mundi.
  18. 50th anniversary
    50 New York Magazine Covers, Designed By 50 New York ArtistsTo celebrate our anniversary, 50 New York artists created 50 New York covers, including Kerry James Marshall, Yoko Ono, Shirin Neshat, and many more.
  19. documented
    The Photographer Who Documents the Former Sites of Confederate MonumentsArtist Matthew Shain set out to capture the pedestals where they once stood.
  20. select all
    This Is What Robots Think Nudes AreAI porn is awful, but AI nude portraits are nice!
  21. cityscape
    There’s a Human Camera Obscura in the New York Public LibraryAn epic drawing of the minutest details from the “Perspective Twins.”
  22. Sean Hannity Uncovers ‘Secret Sperm’ in Obama’s PortraitThe Fox News host promoted (and then deleted) an article titled, “PORTRAIT PERVERSION: Obama Portrait Features ‘SECRET SPERM.’”
  23. tags
    Artists Won the 5Pointz Case, But the Decision Was Terrible for ArtThe landowner who made his building a graffiti haven should not have been demonized.
  24. public art
    Rupert Murdoch Plants a Wind-Powered Sculpture in Front of Fox News HQ“It’s going to stop traffic,” he predicted.
  25. select all
    This 10-Year-Old’s Superhero Is So Good, Twitter Made Fan ArtThe hero’s name is Janet, and she wields a pair of scissors.
  26. select all
    Woman Destroys $200,000 Worth of Art in Pursuit of a SelfieThe domino effect is hard to watch.
  27. select all
    Fending Off the Apocalypse With Blingee ArtThe absurd creations of artists and technologists at this year’s Seven on Seven conference.
  28. select all
    This Painter Turns Memes Into Surrealist PaintingsThe series honors Black History Month.
  29. political art
    European Magazines Go Dark With Their Trump CoversSeveral magazine publishers have turned their covers into some pretty ominous political poster art.
  30. Watch: This Kinetic Sculpture Mimics the Movements of a Flock of BirdsIt is made using 400 suspended “birds”.
  31. select all
    The EO2 Digital Art Display Is a Fascinating Gift for Art LoversOne 23-inch screen that can be thousands of different pieces of art.
  32. This Firefighter Surprised Instagram With His Impressive, Minimalist PhotographyHe’s a firefighter.
  33. There May Be a Tiny, Mysterious Art Museum Hidden on the MoonNobody knows for sure.
  34. select all
    Picasso Baby Is the Greatest Internet Artist You’ve Never Heard Of“I think if Picasso was alive today, I would still have more Twitter followers.”
  35. select all
    The Secret Furry Patrons Keeping Indie Artists AfloatHow furries became the Medicis of digital illustration.
  36. For Two Hours Today There Was a Naked Trump Statue in Union SquareAn art project’s brief glory.
  37. This Artist 3-D-Prints His Work With ClayArtist Taekyeom Lee built a 3-D printer and clay extruder that can produce small- and medium-scale ceramic objects.
  38. This Mind-Bending Artwork Is Actually a Harsh Critique of AmericaLook again.
  39. These Computer Animations of Chinese Opera Dancing Are Bizarrely MesmerizingThe coolest thing you’ll see all day.
  40. This Mildly Ridiculous Furniture Is Designed to Support Your Smartphone MarriageMeet the Slumpie.
  41. SFMOMA’s Hottest Artwork Is the Pair of Glasses This Teenager Put on the FloorTeens attempt prank; unwittingly create art.
  42. Apple CEO Loves iPhones So Much He Saw One in This 300-Year-Old PaintingNo Tim, that’s not an iPhone.
  43. select all
    Man Breaks 120-Year-Old Statue of Portuguese Royal in Pursuit of Perfect SelfieBrutal.
  44. How a Bot’s Bizarre, Useless Objects Became a 3D-Printing ControversyCan bots create art? Or is it just spam?
  45. India Is Using These Optical Illusions to Get Drivers to Slow DownThis is super trippy. 
  46. These Pigeons Are Lighting Up the Brooklyn Night SkyIt’s a project called “Fly by Night,” which sends 2,000 extremely well-trained pigeons into the night sky.
  47. Watch Shia LaBeouf Watching His Own Movies LiveThe actor is back with a narcissistic piece of performance art. 
  48. photography
    Gaze in Horror at This Summer-Traffic CompositeThe Long Island Expressway when the city tries to head to the beach, photographed by Felix R. Cid.
  49. international affairs
    ISIS Claims It Blew Up the Ancient City of NimrudNew video appears to show explosions at the archaeological site.
  50. international affairs
    How ISIS Is Destroying Ancient Art in Iraq and SyriaAmong its many other horrific crimes, the terror group is ransacking the region’s historic sites.
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