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Ashli Babbitt

  1. january 6
    Trump Doesn’t Care How Ashli Babbitt DiedThe grim reality behind the ex-president’s “happy birthday” message to the slain Capitol rioter.
  2. politics
    Republican Trump Critic Quits Congress As Cult of January 6 GrowsTrump is changing the Republican narrative of the Capitol Riot from an outrage in which he was a bystander to a patriotic triumph.
  3. politics
    U.S. Capitol Police Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt Breaks SilenceIn his first interview, Lt. Michael Byrd said he knows his actions during the Capitol riot “saved countless lives.”
  4. the national interest
    The Chilling Message of Trump’s Embrace of Ashli Babbitt MartyrdomJanuary 6 is now a heroic uprising to the movement.
  5. insurrection day
    The Making of a MAGA MartyrHow Ashli Babbitt, and those who lived, are being remembered.