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  1. at home in asian america
    Confessions of an Asian Diversity Hire“It’s not like they put a sign on your desk that reads ‘Diversity Hire.’ You just know.”
  2. at home in asian america
    For Domestic Workers, the Asian Class Divide Begins at HomeFive nannies from the Philippines, Nepal, and China open up about what it’s like to work for their Asian American employers.
  3. at home in asian america
    Asian America Learns How to Hit BackThe desperate, confused, righteous campaign to stop Asian hate.
  4. crime
    Man Charged With Hate Crime for Horrific Anti-Asian Attack Caught on VideoA homeless man has been arrested in the brutal attack on a 65-year-old Filipino woman outside a luxury apartment building in midtown Manhattan.
  5. biden cabinet
    Duckworth Drops Ultimatum to Vote Against Biden Cabinet NomineesThe senator rescinded a plan to vote against candidates until Biden nominates an Asian American cabinet member, when he agreed to her requests.
  6. asian lives matter
    ‘It Is Time to Start Complaining’: Asian Americans Rally in NYC Against HateFed up with being attacked and ignored, Asian Americans in New York City rally for change.
  7. atlanta
    Attacks on Atlanta-Area Spas Leave 8 Dead, Including 6 Asian Women: What We KnowThe suspect has been charged with murder as leaders call for solidarity with the Asian American community.
  8. atlanta
    These Are the Victims of the Atlanta Spa ShootingsAuthorities have identified the eight people killed by a single gunman in Georgia, six of them Asian women.
  9. hate
    The Message From the Heart of the Atlanta Attacks: ‘America Is Getting Worse’Asian spa workers speak.
  10. new york city
    No Hate Crime Charges in Random Stabbing of Asian NYC ManAfter a confusing set of announcements from police, the Manhattan DA’s office concluded the attack happened “for no reason at all.”
  11. asians in america
    Swallowing Our BitternessThe burden of swallowing anti-Asian racism is making America and me sick.
  12. affirmative action
    The Harvard Affirmative-Action Case Isn’t Really About Undervaluing Asian LaborIt’s about overvaluing whiteness.
  13. orange county
    Republicans Are Now Outnumbered in Conservative Bastion of Orange CountyRonald Reagan once called Orange County, California, “where all good Republicans go to die.” Now demographics and Trump are turning it blue.
  14. vision 2020
    The Asian-American Electorate Is Becoming a ForceDemocrats won 77 percent of the Asian-American vote in 2018 after losing it in the last midterms.
  15. education
    The Promise of Integration Has Not Been Fulfilled in NYC SchoolsJust 190 black children were offered admission to New York City’s specialized public high schools on Monday, out of 4,800. Here’s why that matters.
  16. race
    White Americans Got Affirmative Action First. Now Many of Them Want It Gone.A lawsuit filed by Asian-American applicants against Harvard is revealing uncomfortable truths about the history of racial advantage in the U.S.
  17. The Model Minority in the Age of TrumpThe United Airlines incident occurred within a disturbing context of increased hate directed at Asian-Americans.
  18. Asian-Americans Return to – or Stay With – DemocratsThe 2014 exit polls showed the GOP winning the Asian-American vote after apparently losing it badly in 2012. A new poll shows Democrats back in front.
  19. Asian-Americans Like Clinton, Don’t Like TrumpThis growing group may or may not have tilted away from Democrats in 2014. But that’s over now.