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  1. national magazine awards
    New York Wins National Magazine Award for Jerry Saltz’s ‘How to Be an Artist’The New Yorker led all winners with four awards.
  2. New York Wins Three National Magazine AwardsIncluding a fourth Ellie statue for Best Website.
  3. party lines
    The ASME Awards: ‘No Offense, But Now I Understand Why None of You Guys Went Into Television’Last night was magazine-town’s big night out.
  4. the glossy posse
    McChrystal-Felling Rolling Stone Article Nominated for ASMEAlso, congrats to ‘Cooking Light’!
  5. magazines
    Don’t Forget to Vote in ASME and Amazon’s Best Magazine Cover ContestSomeone you might know might just have some finalists in the competition.
  6. intel
    NYMag.com Snags Two Ellies‘National Geographic’ and ‘New York’ both took home two awards each.
  7. ink-stained wretches
    So Who Got Nominated for ASMEs This Year?A bunch of very smart, attractive magazines.
  8. party lines
    David Remnick Is the Opposite of Rugged“If I ever got a country house, it would be in the Village.”
  9. media deathwatch
    Media Is Tired and Pretending This Isn’t HappeningLalalalalala. The media can’t hear you, bad news. Lalalala.
  10. party lines
    Our Night at the ASMEs: Sportier Than AnticipatedEditors, nerves, competition, and one aggressive former Met mingled at last night’s awards ceremony.
  11. company town
    ‘National Geographic’ Takes Home Three Awards at ASME CeremonyPlus, things are looking up on Wall Street, Skadden is doing better at doing good, and Andre Balazs finally sells the Hotel QT — all in our daily industry roundup.
  12. company town
    Wait, Are We Supposed to Feel Sorry for Lloyd Blankfein?That’s not the only mind-bender in our daily industry roundup.
  13. company town
    Some People Would Pay Eliot Spitzer to Take His Clothes OffPlaygirl makes a tantalizing offer to the former governor, an inspector is charged in crane accident, and other tidbits in our daily roundup of media, finance, and law news.
  14. company town
    Jamie Dimon: ‘Many’ of Bear’s 14,000 Employees Will Lose JobsDid Bear Stearns collapse in part because of a whisper campaign? How will Starbucks keep its customers if everyone starts pinching pennies? And what did Sarah Jessica Parker think of Maxim naming her the “unsexiest woman alive”? Our weekly roundup of law, media, and business news.