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Assault Weapons Ban

  1. Ban on Weapon Used in Orlando More Distant Than Ever, Even If Clinton WinsIn the past, use of military assault weapons in mass shootings would usually spur talk of bringing back a ban on them. Those days may be gone.  
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    Semiautomatic Assault Weapons Still IllegalJudges said it was a matter of public safety.
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    Assault Weapons Ban Probably Isn’t HappeningIt won’t be part of the Senate Democrats’ gun bill.
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    New York Gun Shows Agree to Get Stricter; Senate Still Working on ItThe state continues to lead by example on gun control.
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    What Makes a Gun an Assault Weapon?The definition is about to change, if Congress can pass the ban.
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    Is the Assault Weapons Ban Dead on Arrival?Democrats are set to introduce a law even their own party is skeptical of.
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    Americans May Not Be Ready to Give Up Assault WeaponsThat’s not the gun control they had in mind.
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    Some Gun Owners Have an Odd Way of Talking About Their FirearmsAR-15 owners wax enthusiastic.
  9. Joe ‘Dead Aim’ Manchin Sounds Ready to Ban Assault WeaponsHe’s a favorite of the NRA.