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  1. first person
    Donald Trump Assaulted Me, But He’s Not Alone on My List of Hideous Men“I made a list of hideous men in my life. It includes the president — who assaulted me in the dressing room of Bergdorf Goodman 23 years ago.”
  2. crime
    Jussie Smollett Reportedly Rehearsed Attack Days Before It HappenedAccording to CBS, he paid the brothers $3,500 to carry out the attack.
  3. New York AG Eric Schneiderman Resigns After 4 Women Accuse Him of Physical AbuseAfter positioning himself as a champion of the #MeToo movement and suing Harvey Weinstein, he was accused of similar misconduct.
  4. What Precedents Will Democrats Set in Forcing Franken’s Resignation?There are some key questions Democrats should prepare for in determining how they — and the country — deal with future incidents of sexual misconduct.
  5. mysteries
    Rand Paul Hints That His Assault Wasn’t Gardening-RelatedHe shared links to news reports in which multiple neighbors praise his lawn and describe him as “first class in every way.”
  6. Rand Paul Suffered 5 Broken Ribs in Assault at Kentucky HomeIt’s unclear when the senator will be able to return to D.C.
  7. politics
    Man Arrested After Assaulting Senator Rand Paul at His Home in KentuckyThe senator was “blindsided” by his neighbor, but received only minor injuries. The reason for the attack is not clear.
  8. GOP Congressman-elect Sentenced to Community Service for Assaulting ReporterBody-slamming a journalist has worked out pretty well for Greg Gianforte.
  9. media
    Gianforte Apologizes for Assaulting Journalist Who Asked Him a QuestionHe’s agreed to donate $50,000 to the Committee to Protect Journalists as part of a settlement agreement, but he still faces criminal charges.
  10. Montana Republican Greg Gianforte Wins U.S. House Race, Despite Assault ChargeIn a contest capped by Gianforte’s attack on a journalist, Montana’s GOP lean, Rob Quist’s weaknesses, big money, and heavy early voting all mattered.
  11. crimes and misdeamnors
    Johnny Manziel Booked in Texas on Assault ChargeHe’ll make his first court appearance on Thursday.
  12. crime and misdemeanors
    Man Hit by a Taxi, Punched in Face by PassengerIf this is Uber’s idea of guerrilla marketing, it is dark.
  13. accusations
    Report: Trump’s Top Aide, Corey Lewandowski, Drunk-Dials Female ReportersLewandowski is reportedly known for his late-night calls to women in the press corps.
  14. Trump Thinks Reporter ‘Made Up’ Assault Claim“Everybody said nothing happened.”
  15. Video: Trump Supporter Sucker-Punches ProtesterMultiple videos captured the assault.
  16. Second White Guy Assaulted in Brooklyn by Man Calling Him ‘Cracka’The cracka attacka strikes again.
  17. news in 6 headlines
    Saudi Prince Arrested in Beverly Hills for Alleged Sex CrimeThe police were called after a bleeding, screaming woman was spotted trying to climb a wall to get out of his property.
  18. crimes and misdemeanors
    Queens Man Charged in Brutal Beating of Off-Duty NYPD OfficerAfter an argument in a club.
  19. horrible things
    Transgender Woman’s Death May Have Happened After Come-on Gone WrongParis Wilson allegedly beat Islan Nettles because he was “shocked to learn she was not born a woman.”
  20. the most important people in the world
    Post: Robert De Niro’s Daughter Drena, Attacks Ex-Boyfriend, FloraHere’s a police report you don’t see every day.
  21. media
    Pennsylvania Songwriter Hits Girlfriend After Refusing to Sing About HerMSNBC thinks this is FUNNY.
  22. stupid crime of the day
    Paz de la Huerta Charged With AssaultAnd criminal possession of a weapon!
  23. early and awful
    Rand Paul Supporters Respond to MoveOn Protester by Stomping on Her HeadWatch the disturbing video.
  24. the goreacle
    CGI Al Gore Is Scary, Steamy, and More Than a Little Bit PoodleyThis time, the Taiwan-made animated video explaining Gore’s accused sexual harassment includes a cameo by his former boss!