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  1. ‘Potentially Hazardous’ Asteroid to Pass by Earth on Super Bowl SundayIn this case “potentially hazardous” means absolutely no chance to hit earth.
  2. An Asteroid Buzzed by Earth Today, the Fourth Near-Miss of the YearAstronomers keep discovering asteroids just before they whiz by us.
  3. fact-checking
    Fact Check: Is a ‘Dangerous’ Asteroid ‘Seriously’ Heading Toward Earth?The New York Post and the Russians say yes!
  4. it’s science
    NASA Has a Plan to Kidnap an AsteroidCool.
  5. it’s science
    Asteroid Will Fly Very Close to Earth, Kind OfNASA does.
  6. space
    Asteroid Gets All Up in Earth’s AtmosphereIt’s been 35 years since a rock the size of 2005 YU55 passed so close to Earth.