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  1. neighborhood news
    Coney Island’s Swaying Astrotower Will Be DemolishedIt had recently begun swaying, a lot. 
  2. neighborhood news
    Astroland Owner to Sell Rides, at LastAnybody want to buy a Tilt-A-Whirl?
  3. neighborhood news
    City Finally Buys Seven Key Acres on Coney Island BoardwalkFor $95.6 million, the city can finally start building the amusement park of their dreams.
  4. happy things
    Hope for Astroland After All?The ‘Daily News’ says the park may have one last shot at survival.
  5. sad things
    Astroland to Close for Good, AgainThe owner of the fabled amusement park says it’s over for real this time.
  6. neighborhood watch
    Does Dumbo’s Squarehead Have a Secret Admirer?A copycat has taken over for a famed Dumbo robber. Plus, déjà vu at Astroland, tenant grievances in the East Village, and more in our post–Labor Day boroughs briefing.
  7. developing
    Astroland Saved! Now hear this: The city will not sell out Coney Island’s Astroland. Planning Commissioner Amanda Burden told a roomful of civic heavyweights this morning that the city is weeks away from announcing a rezoning plan that will “save the amusement park, an icon of democracy which is beloved by the whole world.” She continued: “The strategy will catalyze a new park which will be open year-round…and housing, in the right place.” Planning insiders have long doubted rumors that Astroland would become a northern outpost of Del Boca Vista (come on, Seinfeld’s parents’ retirement community? Anyone?). Thor Equities, which had floated the idea of time-shares near the hallowed ground, has also been pretty quiet lately. But this hammers the point home. The devil will be in the details, as any change to Coney’s curious chemistry will be hard for some people to swallow. Mayor Bloomberg, in a speech at the same conference, promised that the rezoning will “take full advantage of the wonderful new subway terminal at Stillwell Avenue.” So apartments could still cluster near the Cyclone. As long as we get direct access to the boardwalk from the subway, that’s fine with us. —Alec Appelbaum