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  1. Atheist Billboard Could Lead to Christian Holocaust, State Senator Warns He wants a boycott of … Times Square?
  2. the war on christmas
    Atheist Billboard Will Make Palin’s Head ExplodeThe “true” meaning of Christmas is … Chinese food?
  3. great moments in cable news
    Tornado Survivor Tells Blitzer She’s an Atheist“I’m actually an atheist.”
  4. billboard wars
    Billboards: the Latest Controversy in Hasidic WilliamsburgMove over, bike lanes.
  5. holidaze
    Less Friction Between NJ Christians and AtheistsIt’s a holiday miracle!
  6. september 11
    Bill Maher on the Controversial Ground Zero Cross: Remember Norway?Maher shares his thoughts on the ground zero atheist lawsuit.
  7. the war on christmas
    An Actual War on Christmas Is Happening at the Entrance to the Lincoln TunnelAn atheist billboard and a Catholic billboard go head-to-head.
  8. the gods must be crazy
    Who Knows the Most About Religion? Atheists, Jews, and MormonsAtheists know more about religion than people than believe in it.