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  1. royals
    Australia Banishes King Charles From Its BanknotesIn the battle to succeed his mother on Australian $5 bills, Charles loses to the First Australians.
  2. international affairs
    Australia Defeats and Deports DjokovicAfter his last-ditch legal effort failed, the unvaccinated tennis star has left the country and will not play in the Australian Open.
  3. covid-19
    Djokovic Versus AustraliaThe heavyweight battle is the perfectly absurd diplomatic incident of the COVID era.
  4. crime
    FBI Snooped on Criminals Using Encrypted Messaging AppThe operation, which the FBI and Australian Federal Police have been running for nearly three years, led to hundreds of arrests across 18 countries.
  5. covid-19
    How the West Lost COVIDHow did so many rich countries get it so wrong? How did others get it so right?
  6. media
    Facebook Blocks All Sharing of News in AustraliaThe unprecedented move is the result of a proposed law requiring online platforms to pay news sources for displaying and linking to their work.
  7. feature
    A Year’s Diary of Climate ReckoningSome scientists say the best way to combat climate change is to talk about it. For 2019, my New Year’s resolution was to do just that.
  8. life after warming
    Global Apathy Toward the Fires in Australia Is a Scary Portent for the FutureA months-long climate disaster in a wealthy, white country is tailor-made to dominate news coverage. It hasn’t.
  9. life after warming
    We May Be Dooming Ourselves With Climate NIMBYismThe uneven incentives of climate action are driving the world to inaction. There may be no way to escape the trap.
  10. feminism
    Inside the Near Meltdown of the Roxane Gay–Christina Hoff Sommers TourA rowdy crowd, an attempt to suppress the video via a legal threat, and ongoing controversy over the host — it didn’t turn out as planned.
  11. select all
    These Awful Photos of Hideous Gardens Are the Best Thing on InstagramShit Gardens’ tongue-in-cheek scrapbook of Melbourne landscaping is oddly compelling.
  12. select all
    This Is the Best Way to Bail on a Political Conversation You Don’t Want to HaveBob Katter has more important things than same-sex marriage to worry about … like crocodiles killing people every three months.
  13. select all
    Australian Broadband Has a Cockatoo ProblemThe birds have already caused $80,000 in damages and counting.
  14. ‘Stupid,’ ‘Disgusting’ Australia Refugee Deal Goes Into EffectTrump derided the deal in his first call with Australia’s leader. But the (actually good and humane) agreement is proceeding as planned.
  15. Australia’s Prime Minister Slowly Realizes Trump Is a Complete IdiotAn American ally is heard talking to the president of the United States like he’s a slow-witted child.
  16. Trump Says Australia’s Universal Health Care Is Better Than U.S. SystemHours earlier, he celebrated the passage of a health-care bill that will likely make millions of Americans lose their coverage.
  17. Cyclone Deposits Bull Shark in the Middle of an Australian RoadOnly in Australia.
  18. John McCain Makes Nice With Australia After Trump’s ‘Unnecessary’ DisputeThe Arizona senator called Australia’s ambassador to express his “unwavering support for the U.S.-Australia alliance.”
  19. international affairs
    U.S.–Australia Relationship Rocked by Trump’s Angry Call With Prime MinisterThe president contradicted the State Department, tweeting that he hasn’t decided if he’ll honor a “dumb deal” to resettle refugees.
  20. Australian Authorities Say They Stopped a ‘Substantial’ Terror PlotFive men allegedly planned to attack busy spots in Melbourne.
  21. select all
    Did You Lose $3? This Kindly Drunk Woman Found It.A woman in Australia crashed a news broadcast to let the anchor know she had found a wallet.
  22. Yes, Australia, You Have Made One Fancy $5 BillThey’re almost cool enough to make you want to carry cash.
  23. select all
    This Guy’s Terrifying Prank: Fill a Subway Car With a Flock of Seagulls“The next train stop was five minutes away.”
  24. emojiplomacy
    Red-Faced Putin Emoji Sparks Political Showdown in AustraliaThe perils of pictograms.
  25. gun control
    How Australia and Britain Tackled Gun ViolencePresident Obama cited the two nations in his call for stricter gun laws — but would the same strategies work here?
  26. weather report
    Spider Rain RealAnd it is currently covering Australia in a fog of spiderweb.
  27. oops
    Using Microsoft Outlook Incorrectly May Cause an International IncidentAn organizer at the G20 summit accidentally sent President Obama’s passport number to Asian Cup soccer tournament organizers.
  28. very sad and scary things
    3 Dead After Daylong Hostage Situation in Sydney Café [Updated]After 16 hours, the siege ended when police stormed the building.
  29. ebola panic
    Why Banning Travel From Ebola-Affected Countries Makes No SenseAustralia has instituted a visa ban for political purposes.
  30. assholes
    Australian Bros Wear KKK Hood in Public to Prove a Point About Face CoveringsNo words.
  31. islamic state watch
    Australian Police Say They’ve Foiled an ISIS-Linked Beheading PlotYikes.
  32. very sad things
    Woman Lost Family Members in Both Malaysia Airlines DisastersUnreal.
  33. the sports section
    Tim Cahill Scored the World Cup’s Best Goal So FarWe have the GIFs to prove it. 
  34. flight 370
    Ship Detects Third Possible ‘Ping’ in Flight 370 Search AreaThe signal was detected 300 nautical miles away from the others.
  35. flight 370
    Search for Flight 370 Continues as Plane’s Black-Box Battery Life DwindlesFinding the aircraft could take “years,” according to officials.
  36. flight 370
    Australia Spots Possible Wreckage From Flight 370 [Updated]Satellite images picked up two objects off the coast of Perth. 
  37. international news
    North Korea’s Latest Foregin Prisoner Is a 75-Year-Old AustralianA bit old for a labor camp.
  38. international affairs
    Navy Divers to Brave the Great Barrier Reef for BombsTruly a hardship mission.
  39. international affairs
    American Marines Accidentally Bombed the Great Barrier ReefOops.
  40. international man of mystery
    Julian Assange Plans to Keep Himself Busy by Running for SenateEven if he’s still holed up in London.
  41. Romney Shares Insult From Australian Leader With American PeopleOther countries have been talking about us behind our backs.
  42. australia
    It Turns Out a Dingo Really Did Eat the Woman’s BabyPer a coroner’s ruling, over 30 years after the fact.
  43. crimes and misdemeanors
    Alleged Australian Collar-Bomber Arrested in KentuckyA weird story gets slightly more weird.
  44. international intrigue
    That Australian Collar-Bomb Was FakeReal collar. Fake bomb.
  45. cleaning up the prequel?
    Shell Wants to Build the World’s Largest Floating Natural-Gas PlantWhat could go wrong?
  46. oprah
    Oprah Invites Her Entire Studio Audience On A Trip Down Under“You and you and you and you, are going to Australia!”
  47. change of plans
    Obama Cancels Trip to Indonesia, AustraliaVisit postponed for second time this year.
  48. health carnage
    Some Democrats Want Obama to Delay His Trip AgainSome people only think of themselves.
  49. we’re just jealous
    We Feel Nothing But Contempt for This ManAustralian dude will be paid a lot of money to blog from his villa on a tropical Australian island.
  50. pessimism porn
    Australia No Longer An OptionWas moving Down Under your backup plan? Think again.